Another Athlete Speaks Against Anti-Choice Super Bowl Ad

Meet my new boyfriend, Scott Fujita. This week, the New Orleans Saints linebacker was featured in the New York Times talking about why he’s pro-choice and pro-LGBT rights. This is not only regarding the anti-choice ad that’s scheduled to air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, but also the gay dating site ad that was submitted to CBS – and rejected.
As covered by Jos yesterday, Sean James and Al Joyner were featured in a new Planned Parenthood ad talking about the decisions they want the women in their lives to have. And Fujita is right behind them. He says:

“It’s just me standing up for equal rights. It’s not that courageous to have an opinion if you think it’s the right thing and you believe it wholeheartedly.”

On the anti-choice ad, he says he respects Tebow for standing up for what he believes in, but:

“The idea of focusing on the family — who wouldn’t agree with that? But the means of doing so, he and I might not see eye to eye all the way.”

Fujita himself was adopted, by a Japanese-American man who was born during WWII in an Arizona internment camp. (He often talks of drawing inspiration from his grandmothers strong will during the war.) While he says he’s grateful that his biological mother, a teenager at the time, had the support to carry out the pregnancy, he “wouldn’t expect that of anybody.”
As for the ad that was submitted and rejected by CBS, Fujita says that he understands people may have a hissy, but it still should have been aired: “Do they have the right? Absolutely. Is it going to offend some people? Absolutely.”
What I find great about James, Joyner and Fujita is not only their courage in speaking out on a very controversial issue, but also how their actions dispel stereotypes about professional athletes (especially football players) being simple brutes who have little interest in anything but the game. These three men may not be activists every day, but they were activists for at least one — and that certainly counts for something.
It looks like this ad is going to air regardless, but you can still make your outrage known. Here are ways to take action. Now, how can I get this guy’s number? (Jezebel has even more reasons to love him. Swoon!)

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  • supremepizza

    I’ve been a fan of Fujita’s on field play for a long time! Nice to be a fan of his off field work now too!

  • Shinobi

    Uhm, Excuse me, Scott Fujita is MY new boyfriend.

  • prettyinblack

    Sorry ladies, he’s married. :( I did a quick wiki search.
    He has a masters in education. Smart, liberal, AND attractive. Nice package. :)

  • femme.

    Thank you Scott Fujita! I hope this recent trend of NFL athletes speaking out against FOTF and CBS continues. I think it can really help evolve the national conversations surrounding reproductive and LGBTQ rights.

  • Comrade Kevin

    As a former (albeit reluctant) football player, I am both amazed and inspired by the stances he has very publicly taken. I hope it encourages other men to realize that you can be intelligent, well-spoken, and be an athlete.

  • Marc

    I just hope Scott intercepts Peyton Manning about three times in the Super Bowl and becomes Super Bowl MVP. I was already pulling for the Saints – although I am a Dolphins fan – and now I have even more reasons to do so!

  • Gretchen

    As a feminist AND a sports fan, this recent slew of athletes being awesome warms my heart.

  • Lydia

    I’ll fight you for him, Vanessa!
    Seriously, I also hope this butch-All-American-jocks-for-LGBT/women’s-rights thing continues too. We need more good things going in this country.

  • meld

    this is on my facebook. the world must know of the awesomeness.

  • XXLAshley

    Oh my goodness. Sexy? Check. Pro-choice? Check. Outspoken and liberal? Double check. Pro-LGBT rights? Check.
    I mean, seriously? Someone this amazing actually exists? And he spoke out about it proudly? Wow. This guy is AWESOME. His twin daughters are going to have it GREAT.
    On a side-note, this is pretty ridiculous that it seems super awesome that someone so awesome exists. It’s like, are these views of basic decency and choice really that rare in the public realm? Sadly the answer is most indeed yes.

  • bartelbe

    Why would an anti-choice ad be a problem? If it contained lies or false charges I would see your point. However to be against abortion is not an illegitimate position to take. It is certainly not an unacceptable point of view, like a racist or homo-phobic opinion.
    Is it even an anti-feminists point of view? Is a person who is in favour of equal rights for women, access to contraception, and campaigns on issues such as domestic violence. To be excluded from the feminist movement, because they object to abortion on moral grounds? Can someone be anti-choice (or as they would put it pro-life), and be a feminist?


    I’m totally in to this guy.
    That said, I think the fact that he is somehow more of a big deal than countless other men and women in ordinary households who hold similar views is strong evidence of how we privilege masculinity – via his athleticism – so much that we are even buying in to it here on a feminist blog.
    How sad is it that we have to think “what a breath of fresh air in the chauvinistic and homophobic athletic community!” in a world where professional sports, which are placed in the highest esteem in our culture, are wrought with prejudice.
    My first thought was that I hope his status as a pro athlete gives him some buy-in with moderates and conservatives and he can someday run a credible campaign for office. My second thought is that it is too bad that we have to turn to a pro-athlete to get that buy-in in circles of privilege. I wish the best for him, absolutely – but it’s just kind of a reminder for me the kind of bargaining with unfortunate cultural attitudes that progressives have to do to advance a good cause.

  • kandela

    How come none of the non-footballing allies stories begins with the poster claiming them as their new boyfriend?

  • Yekaterina

    finally I find a politically aware, pro-choice/pro-gay rights football player, and he’s married.