Hey Seth Macfarlane: Rape jokes aren’t funny

I had stopped watching Family Guy a while ago because it felt like there was some sort of “joke” about rape or violence against women in every episode. But recently I thought I would give the show another shot, because I used to find it hilarious. I really wish I hadn’t.

(Some folks may not want to watch the video clip; it’s actually pretty upsetting.)

Transcript below the fold.

I just don’t get it, truly. How is this funny? Are we supposed to suspend disbelief and forget that this how rape happens quite fucking often because it’s a cartoon bull doing the raping?

I’ve written this before, but I think it bears repeating – there isn’t anything edgy about rape jokes. Rape jokes and mocking violence are mainstream; that shit is the norm. And while Family Guy creator Seth Macfarlane has never given a real answer as to why the show has so many rape jokes, I imagine it’s because he and the show’s other writers somehow think it’s controversial. But all they’re doing is upholding the status quo. That, and ensuring that I’ll never watch another episode of Family Guy again.

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Announcer: Gentleman, Give an indifferent east coast welcome to our newest bullrider, Peter the Kid!

(Peter rides bull, gets bucked off shortly after.)

Bull: You know what I am back at the ranch?  I’m a breeding bull.

Peter: Wha…wha…what’s that?

Bull: You gonna find out.

Peter: (Gasps)

Bull:  Where you going fatty?  We’re gonna have a party.

Peter: No! No!  

(Peter fights as the bull pulls his pants off)

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