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Click on the picture to learn how to make your own iTampon or take a survey to share how you feel about the naming of iPad. We are over it, but it is still kind of funny!
Prudence at Slate sets an emotional abuser straight.
A school in Virginia is banning the Diary of Anne Frank because, “sexually explicit material and homosexual themes.” Um, you have got to be kidding me. I love that book and it taught me so much when I read it, about so many important issues.
A story from a clinic worker during the Roe protests last weekend.

A study from San Francisco State found that 50% of the gay couples they studies monogamy was ‘optional.”

Arne Duncan thinks Katrina is the best thing that could have happened to New Orleans education.
What’s next? The earthquake was good for Haiti? Disgusting.

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  • Renee

    Neo Cons continue to prove how ridiculous they are. I am flabbergasted at the banning of Anne Franks Diary. I read it for the first time at the age of nine and opened my eyes to the consequences of dehumanizing people. It is a historical record of immeasurable value and every single person who reads it can only gain. Shame on them.

  • aleks

    I don’t think “over it” means what you think it means.

  • aleks

    Neocons aren’t for banning Anne Frank, they love Holocaust and Nazi Germany testimonials. They exploit them to justify endless warmongering. Neocons are specific people not just everyone we dislike.

  • Liza

    OK, it’s been a really long time since I read the Anne Frank diary. What exactly was explicit and where was the homosexuality? I know I was pretty young when I read it, but I honestly don’t remember anything even remotely sexual.

  • A female Marine

    They aren’t banning her diary. Just one newer version of it. The Anne Frank book they are talking about here isn’t the same one we read, it’s a newer “definitive” version with more (apparently controversial) passages added in that weren’t in the original version.
    The schools are still planning to use her diary for classes, just not this newer edition. (which will be in the libraries)
    Do people read the articles before commenting on them?

  • Lydia

    Interesting letter to Prudence. To me his talk of “falling quickly” in his new relationship says a lot. Sounds like one of those guys that falls in love at every turn and is obsessed with romance. Such guys may seem cute but I often find that they’ve got very old-fashioned, unrealistic expectations of what women and relationships should be. They have a hard time dealing with some basic modern-day realities, like the fact that people, yes even WOMEN, sometimes have casual sex and that most people have multiple partners before finding the one they really want (if that’s what they’re even looking for) and you can’t just make the past go away, nor should you want to. It’s not far from these feelings to anger and resentment and then to abuse. (btw, if there are any romantic teenage “Twilight” fans here, I hope you’re paying attention.)
    I hope he gets help from his college mental health services. God knows not enough people do. And I hope he’s really got the self-awareness and introspection to really change. To me there’s few things sadder in the world than a person who knows that s/he hurts others but just can’t stop.

  • Phenicks

    The study comes as no surprise to me, if everyone who failed at monogamy were honest enough to admit an oen relationship is best, I think that number could be seen across the board.

  • Rhoanna

    It’s only one version of Anne Frank’s diary (“The Diary of a Young Girl: the Definitive Edition”) that’s banned. Apparently that version includes passages that were excluded from the original version. The school system is still using the original version in classes, and the banned version is still in school libraries. So still bad, but not nearly as bad.

  • Devoted_Toucan

    Mmm, cheese.
    I don’t understand the big deal around the name. Has no one heard of a pad in terms of anything other than period pads before? Pad of paper/note pad; heat pads, etc. Am I missing something? :S (Really?)

  • Brittany

    Am I the only one rolling my eyes at the immature middle school giggling over LOL iPAD GET IT IT HAS THE WORD PAD CAUSE MENSTRUATING IS GROSS AND BLOODY HAHAHA when it comes to Apple’s new product?

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  • Marj

    Nothing much surprises me about book bannings since my school district tried (and failed, yay!) to ban To Kill A Mockingbird for use of the ‘n’ word. As always, the key phrase here is ‘missing the point’.

  • that girl

    They’re not actually banning the book, just a later edition of the book that includes passages left out of the first edition. Still ridiculous. Heaven forbid they learn that there was…puberty in Nazi Germany!

  • Comrade Kevin

    Regarding the emotional abuser article, I have to say that I maintain friendships with people whom I have slept with and a few who I dated. My partner gets a bit jealous when I mention this in a purely completely off-handed way, but she has mentioned that her fear is always that she wishes she could satisfy me completely and fears that she can’t.
    References I make to past behavior and past relationships only increases this fear on her part. But I don’t hold it against her at all. I think it’s pretty understandable and it has thankfully never become an issue. Sometimes I just don’t even bring up the subject because I know all it will do is worry her unduly.

  • Pantheon

    To be fair, they’re not banning the version of her diary that we all read in middle school; they’re banning an updated edition that they say contains more sexual material. And they’re not even really “banning” it– a copy will be in the school library. They’re just not teaching the updated version in class. Without reading the updated version, its hard for me to know if this is stupid or not, but its not like they’re actually banning the book.

  • Athenia

    Anne talks about one of her girl friends from school–I can’t remember if they kissed but I definitely remember Anne wanting to touch her friend’s breast. Anne was all, “Well, if you don’t let me touch your breast, then we’re not real friends.” And then they weren’t friends anymore.

  • aleks

    The version you probably read (and I probably read) was the “sanitized” version Mr. Frank released of his murdered daughter’s diary, which takes out personal information that he felt made murdered family members look bad (though probably just more human). Apparently Anne also wrote about hitting puberty, and Mr. Frank removed that from the early edition (which is the standard edition). As for homosexuality they’re probably making that up out of nothing.

  • paperispatient

    Anne discusses crushes on boys as well as, if I’m remembering correctly, sleepovers with a female friend where it sounds like there was some snuggling and touching going on. In other words, thoughts and experiences to which many young people can relate!

  • Brianna G

    The numbers are usually lower for hetero couples, and the most commonly cited concern besides “it’s just wrong” or some variant thereof is the fear that someone will get pregnant. And I think that’s a legitimate concern, even if birth control is freely available– if I am the only woman my partner is having sex with, I know I’m controlling my fertility and he and I are in agreement on the subject of abortion. Add another woman, who may also be in an open relationship? I have no guarantee she’s reliable about her birth control, and I don’t know if she or her partner might change their minds about abortion if she was impregnated. And if he does impregnate her and she carries to term, he automatically has an 18+ year relationship with her that he doesn’t have with me. That automatically makes me want to say no to an open relationship, unless maybe I was there and there was no vaginal intercourse between them.

  • Luna

    I’ve been calling the iPad a “tampod” since it came out. Yes, I am immature. :)

  • SP

    I have to point out – Arne Duncan does NOT say that Katrina is the “best thing that *could* have happened” to the education system – she says it’s the best thing that happened to it. There is a *world* of difference there.
    She’s not saying, “Good thing that hurricane came along, that was the best thing that could possibly have happened.” She’s saying, “At least some good came out of this, since nothing short of a drastic situation was going to fix it.”
    She’s finding the positives in a negative situation. And I don’t think she’s discounting the negatives, either. Given how much Katrina has been talked about since it happened, do we really need every person who talks about it to say, “Look, Katrina sucked, BUT…” before they talk about any positive aftermath or progress?
    Please make sure you *accurately* quote the people you’re denouncing.

  • DalekSec

    Where is it written only children can laugh at toilet humour? Sure didn’t do George Carlin’s career any damage.

  • Bunner

    The National Post has some rather, um, “interesting” views on the disappearance of Women’s Studies programs from Canadian Universities:
    [You probably shouldn't read that if you're prone to high blood pressure.]

  • lucierohan

    Personally, my problem with how people talk about menstruation isn’t that they think it’s bloody and gross. It is bloody, and gross as most bodily functions are. My problem arising when people think MY bodies grossness reflects inferiority, while male grossness gets to be just silly.
    Also, as a lover of foul-mouthed comedy I have to second the other commenters reply about Carlin.

  • lucierohan

    I never thought about that before. It is a really legitimate concern. It might be less of a roadblock if one of the open relationship rules was that the guy always had to wear a condom, though obviously condoms can break.

  • sarah_steel

    So you’re not going to expand on that?

  • aleks

    IF you are over something THEN you stop bringing it up.
    Some people think they can reverse this rather obvious equation by pointing out that yes they are too so over it, but I doubt that’s ever actually convinced anyone.
    For example: If I keep starting conversations about my ex-girlfriend, people will know that I am not over her. Prefacing the subject with “I’m over her, but . . .” is unlikely to fool anybody.

  • Sloppy Sandwich

    That line never worked for me either.

  • paperispatient

    It couldn’t be too new because it sounds like the one I read – I’m 23 and I first read it when I was 10. I know there are numerous versions and editions of the book though. Regardless, I despise the banning of books – I remember really loving Anne’s discussion of puberty because it was something I was just beginning to experience. I don’t remember finding her experiences with her female friend scandalous or gross; I could relate to her feelings of curiosity.

  • Toongrrl

    Okay I suppose kids shouldn’t learn there was such things as horniness, periods, and bras in the Third Reich. Anne Frank is rolling in her grave right now.