Nostalgia for vintage ads

Lego Magazine ad from the year 1981.
Photo from Flickr user Moose Greebles
This ad was sent by a reader a while back, and I understood their nostalgia for it. It’s a Lego ad from 1981.
The text reads: Have you ever seen anything like it? Not just what she’s made, but how proud it’s made her. It’s a look you’ll see whenever children build something all by themselves. No matter what they’ve created.
In comparison, check out the lego’s advertising now that is targeted towards girls. By the way, I found that Lego site by typing “girls” into the search box.
While we usually post vintage ads to highlight their sexism, this time it’s the other way around. Advertising for girl’s toys has become a pink explosion, with some of the worst gender stereotyping out there.

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