What We Missed

Our gal Chloe writes about a pro-rape Facebook group in the Christian Science Monitor.
EMILY’s List gets a new President.
An ad campaign in the UK to promote outdoor advertising (it seems) backfired when it ran a big old ad on the side of a bus that read: “Career Women Make Bad Mothers” Oops.
Also – hah!

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  • Comrade Kevin

    From the announcement I read, EMILY’s List has at least made a serious effort to incorporate the views of younger women into its leadership, which I applaud, so long as it isn’t a kind of tokenism. I, too, am a member of Gen X, as is Ms. Schriock.
    As for the exact mechanism of how EMILY’s List is run, I plead ignorance and hope someone will enlighten me.

  • katemoore

    Felicia Day, who is awesome, comments on the Vanity Fair girls-of-Twitter article, which is fail:

  • jefered

    From Chloe’s excellent piece:
    “On their own, most of these young men were lovely. When they got together, something truly awful was created.”
    She’s disastrously wrong here. Groups of men don’t create anything in a man that doesn’t exist when he’s alone. They only make it easier for him to be honest.