“Boyfriend” jeans for toddler girls

I got this email from a friend of mine, and I just had to share.

At lunch I ducked into Baby Gap to find my 2 year old some new jeans, as she’s torn holes in or outgrown her others. Leafing through the sales rack I found that Gap does actually make one style that is not (a) sparkled or pink, (b) embossed with flowers [nothing wrong w/that, but we have several and kid needs a little variety] or (c) “skinny” (yes, they do make those for toddlers…). But what do they call these unadorned items of toddler fashion? Boyfriend Jeans!! Yes, that’s right, if my 2 year old daughter actually wants to wear comfortable jeans with nothing on them but denim, she must have borrowed them from her BOYFRIEND.

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