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Domestic violence does wonders for ratings

TweetApparently, getting arrested for abusing your spouse will do amazing things for an actor’s career. From the New York Post: Sheen’s comedy series, “Two and a Half Men” is back in the No. 1 spot. Monday night’s episode, the first time the show has aired since Sheen was jailed for allegedly putting a knife to [...]
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Online gaming study: Women play harder

TweetA study of gender differences in gamers out of University of Southern California reports that “women play more intensely than the guys.” But the women also consistently under-report how much they play, and when playing with male partners the women “toned down the violence” while the men played “more aggressively.” Any gamers out there want [...]
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What We Missed.

TweetCan we leave Chris Brown alone? The answer is no. The University of Tennessee still uses “hostesses” to attract football players. Ew. A horrible fire in Mississippi kills 9 including a lesbian couple and 6 of their children. Tragic. An extensive piece by Latoya on gaming and gender. Read it. Also, as a treat to [...]
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Race does not determine criminality.

TweetI can’t tell you how terrifying it is to learn that a plane flying into an airport less than 30 minutes from your apartment — on Christmas morning, no less — has been targeted by a terrorist. It’s almost as frightening as learning that the kind of man that would put on an underwear bomb [...]
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All the Single (Beige*) Ladies!

TweetI guess it shouldn’t surprise me that ABC New is running articles about the ills of single ladies, since they have several stories/videos about “crazy cat ladies,” but I am of two minds about this piece about single, black, successful ladies. The premise of the piece is an attempt to look at a potential racial [...]
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