What We Missed: Health Care Reform Edition

The health care debates are making me feel more ambivalent about politics than I have in a while. Enjoy some better babbling on the topic.
Will the Nelson Amendment be hard to keep in the bill? The AP seems to think so.
Latoya on how no one is happy with the Nelson Amendment.
Cecile Richards on the what of Nelson Amendment and why it is just not OK.
More generally, Nate Silver on the “Myth of Reconciliation.” Scott has more.
Jane Hamsher on 10 Reasons to Kill the Bill and Ezra Klein’s rebuttal.

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  • bifemmefatale

    I think maybe you meant “edition”?

  • Alice

    I’m all for breaking the ridiculous amount of power given to insurance companies by current policy, but both sides of Congress are stepping over each other to promise not to do that.

  • aleks

    I’m mildly curious about when Hamsher thinks there’s going to be an opportunity to pass this reform, much less something better, if we flippantly Kill the Bill. When there are 65 Democrats in the Senate or the Teabag Republicans decide to negotiate in good faith I suppose.
    Until that time I sincerely invite her to pay for my medical care.

  • Rachel

    Samhita, I totally get that. I have been feeling the exact same way. To be perfectly honest, I have been very ambivalent about a lot of stuff in the Obama administration. :P