New “female-friendly” sex shop opening in Portland Oregon

I was excited to find this new sex shop opening in Portland Oregon. The website says late November–any readers from Portland know if it’s open yet?
While She Bop doesn’t use the language “feminist” sex shop, it sounds pretty close to it!
From their website:

She Bop is a women-owned sex toy boutique specializing in body safe products. We strive to inform consumers through a variety of workshops and educational resources. Our mission is to promote healthy and safe sexuality by offering quality products in a fun and comfortable environment.

You can learn more about She Bop here, and take a peek at the inside of their store here.
As Ann pointed out, the name is a Cyndi Lauper reference. Nice work She Bop!
h/t to Tanya
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  • DeafBrownTrash

    very cool! I remember reading in a book about 80s music, Cyndi Lauper said that “She Bop” was in fact, a reference to masturbation.

  • Diana

    This is wonderful

  • TheQueerAndNow

    there’s one these in DC too! not a shebop, but a non-feminist-identifying feminist sex shop/boutique. i work here :) we just opened in late october, but also have an online store at
    the boutique itself, at 1510 U St NW, caters primarily to women, and has a number of lesbian-specific toys. we also carry stuff for the menfolk. all of our products are environmentally conscious, and our oils/lubes are all natural, mostly organic. and we have something to fit every budget :)

  • ann bran

    i saw an ad for this store in the portland mercury and got super excited. i will totally be checking it out soon.

  • Toongrrl

    Do I wanna go out with a lion’s roar
    Huh, yea, I wanna go south n get me some more
    Hey, they say that a stitch in time saves nine
    They say I better stop–or I’ll go blind
    Oop–she bop–she bop
    -Cyndi Lauper
    She Bop is awesome! I hope the store will be too as well

  • teddymolly

    i live 25 miles southwest of portland and don’t know if they’re open yet. i do know that i have been to an amazing, quaint feminist bookstore called “in other words” about a mile from this place!

  • Heina

    When I visited Portland, I made it a point to visit that shop, which had just been blogged about here on Feministing. It’s pretty amazing, and the only non-profit feminist bookstore left anywhere. I love how sex-positive and queer-friendly they are. They also are very male-friendly.
    Next time I’m up in Portland, I’ll be sure to visit this sex store. That whole part of Portland is good for shopping and eating if you like the off-the-beaten-trail types of things. Darn, now I have the darndest craving for Waffle Window.

  • little

    let’s not forget about “It’s My Pleasure”, which is also women-run/owned and in Portland!
    …or is it now defunct? did i miss something?
    and i second the AWESOMENESS of In Other Words. A must-see if you visit Portland.

  • melissa.mcc

    yes! it’s open! and it’s amazing.
    although it doesn’t say “feminist” specifically, it is, and it’s totally rad.
    the space is incredibly beautiful, and the most open, bright, clean, and non-threatening sex toy store i’ve ever seen. the mood inside is playful and fun, and the women who own it are down to earth, easy to talk to and are really just there to have fun and help people.
    they’re just getting started and every time i’ve been in (each time with a different friend!), they have a bunch of new inventory. i think they’re going to eventually have workshops and classes and other community-involved things once they get a little more established but oh, i’m so happy they’re here.
    seriously, if you’re in portland, don’t miss it.

  • Tak

    I know people have mentioned it here (since this is where I found out about it) but A Woman’s Touch in Madison and Milwaukee is very friendly and helpful; they also give you chocolate with your purchases.

  • annelie

    Babeland in Seattle is also great. They are not exclusively focused on women but I have never been in a place that is so positive and informed about fun (and safe) sex. Absolutely the greatest sex store I have ever been in, it doesn’t feel skeezy like so many other places with those ridiculous manikins with gigantic breasts (gross…and weird). The staff are so helpful and they have awesome workshops too. I would highly recommend anyone in the Seattle area to check it out.

  • Flygirl

    And if you live closer to Salem Oregon, a new women’s sex shop was opened by two lesbian women. It’s right next to my school and it’s fantastic!
    My favorite, although it’s out of my budget: Vibrator that you hook up to your Ipod. It vibrates with the beat :)
    Here’s their website:
    I encourage anyone in the area to support them, because businesses like this in Salem don’t usually survive!