Pink Glove Dance

Cause who doesn’t need a Thursday dance break?

This video was put together with the help of over 200 employees at a Portland-based hospital to promote breast cancer awareness.

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  • MLEmac28

    None of the hospital’s I’ve worked at have ever done anything even half as cool. :(

  • Femgineer

    I was so conflicted while watching this video.
    Conversation in my head:
    Negative me: Wow, in these economic times, what a waste of gloves
    Positive me: But, they are so happy!
    Negative me: OMG they are terrible dancers
    Positive me: BUT THEY ARE SOOO HAPPY!!!!
    I guess positive wins out this time… I’m not so sure about next time.

  • naters

    Yeah, I am not gonna lie, I got a little bit weepy and just grinned like an idiot the entire time. I think every day should include a mandatory dance break. It just makes everything better :-).

  • CS

    Some of those people worked on my grandmother over the summer when she was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer. This is a fantastic ad campaign: everyone of those people from the janitors and the coffee shop people on up make a huge difference when families are dealing with cancer. It also reminded me of the importance of feminism: being able to participate and contribute to society like this, outside of the home. Everyone’s contribution is important.

  • Brittany

    I love this! I love how the men are wearing pink gloves too, since usually advocates for breast-cancer awareness are women. Men can get it too! What a bunch of great sports.

  • Max

    That’s pretty cool how many people of different jobs they got (medical staff, custodians, cafe workers, etc.) But for me the best part was recognizing various places in the hospital. My high school was right next door.

  • suzia

    No doubt, cute video. But isn’t it about time that we move from simply being aware of breast cancer to actually doing something about it? This is just more shenanigans in the breast cancer conversation that refuses to acknowledge linkages between the chemicals and pollutants in products we use and breast cancer. Less pink, more action!

  • MaggieDanger

    Totally! I’ve worked in a hospital for over a year, as part of several research teams (both clinical and laboratory). I’m SO glad this video showed all the facets of a hospitals staff: doctors, nurses, janitors, people in the food services, researchers, lab techs, administrators, baristas. A hospital is a family, and it takes every one of these people to make it run properly. How awesome to see them all included in this video, dancing together for the same cause with big smiles on their faces.

  • earwicga

    I’ve seen this vid before and it makes me smile.
    Just got a couple of questions for you though Courtney.
    1) Which part of this video exactly is the part which promotes breast cancer awareness as you have written above – is it the fact that some of the participants have breasts that have a small chance of developing cancerous growths?
    2) Who isn’t aware of of the fact that a minority of women, and also some men are capable of developing cancerous growths in their breasts.
    Two words, band and wagon.

  • Tracey T

    That is just hot, totally totally hot and the genuine happiness some of them expressed just really made my day. And it is always refreshing to see people who dance only slightly better than me (okay, way better than me) breaking it down.

  • WickedAnnabella

    This, so much. The video is cute but we don’t need more awareness, we need research into and action against the root causes of breast cancer.

  • Lucy Gillam

    I almost like it better this way than if they were better dancers. I love love love watching everyday people really dancing, taking joy in moving their bodies to music. It makes me want to dance in a way that professional dancing never does.

  • Nurse_PhD

    I, too, am of a mixed mind (or some might say mixed-up) about the video. I worked at this hospital, and it does have a sense of community lacking in so many other workplaces. And the video is fun.
    But breast cancer AWARENESS? Really? Which conscious American adult is not aware of breast cancer? Women are so aware of it that they’re demanding screening they don’t need while neglecting the threat of heart disease, the real #1 killer of women. Emergency rooms are sending women away while they’re having heart attacks because so little is known about women and heart disease. How much of this obsession with breast cancer is motivated by human caring and how much by the friendly neutrality of a disease that remains blameless because we do not research its causes? How much is breast cancer mania fueled by a simple obsession with boobs? Lung cancer kills more women; and lungs actually ARE pink(ish)!
    But it is cute.

  • rebekah

    yes but without the awareness, we are never going to get the research. Hospitals, NIH,CDC, and all sorts of other places outside of the drug companies have to struggle for funding. If individual hospitals were to ask for the funds with something creative like this I think that they may actually get the funding that they need to actually do research

  • rebekah

    at least they are trying. I have been battling uterine cancer for the past six months and I have gotten to know quite a few of the breast cancer patients there as well since I have to go in for treatment. The hospital staff still acts like they have this disease that they have no idea what to do with. There are male patients there and some of the nurses just look at them funny when they are doing their treatment. Maybe if there were more campaigns like this being done we could actually get somewhere with finding a cure for cancer. I also believe that if we figure out what is causing the high cases of breast cancer today that maybe we will actually find a link that will help us fight other cancers as well. I know that breast cancer is linked to the type of cancer that I have and as a patient anything that makes it normal to talk about these kinds of things is good. I hope to one day be able to say that all types of cancer are cured and who knows maybe breast cancer is what holds that link. Oh and lung cancer wouldn’t kill so many people if they wouldn’t smoke, if others around them wouldn’t smoke, if our air was cleaner, and if everywhere in this country people weren’t absorbing so many toxins into our bodies. With breast cancer you can’t always pinpoint exactly why it happens. Again heart disease (Which I would love to also see a campaign like this done for) is preventable. Go Red does a pretty good job about spreading awareness about heart disease being the number one killer of women, and the fact that it is possible to keep yourself healthy and to prevent you from dying from the disease.

  • uberhausfrau
  • LalaReina

    I love it

  • jujubean

    Agree! From the American Heart Association:
    “a mere 13 percent of women in America believe that heart disease and stroke are the greatest health threat to women”
    # In 2005, coronary heart disease claimed the lives of 213,572 females compared with 41,116 lives from breast cancer and 67,894 from lung cancer.
    # Nearly 37 percent of all female deaths in America occur from CVD, which includes coronary heart disease (CHD), stroke and other cardiovascular diseases.
    # In 2005, CVD claimed the lives of 454,613 females; cancer (all forms combined) 268,890.
    Cute video, but more awareness is needed on other issues.