Target calls the cops on breastfeeding mom

Approximation of transcript here.
‘Tis the season for sexism! As you may know from the WFR – Mary Martinez was shopping with her husband, Jose, at at Michigan Target when she was stopped by a security guard for breastfeeding.
The security guard told the mother of three that breastfeeding in public was illegal, and that she would have to stop. Martinez’s husband, a police officer, knew differently. After an argument ensued, Target called the police.

The couple say it wasn’t crowded in that section at the time.
“It wasn’t busy. One gentleman came through and… he complained about the prices,” said Mary Martinez.
Harper Woods police were called to the scene. They joined Target security talking with the Martinez family until the couple and child left embarrassed.

Target headquarters say they do allow breastfeeding in their stores. Now if someone could just make sure employees hold up that policy…
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UPDATE: Hilarious comment from MLEmac28…

Am I the only one who find it funnily ironic that a couple named Mary and Jose(ph) and their newborn baby were kicked out of a business? I think Target totally failed the Christmas test.

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