Rosie the Riveter High School!

Rosie the RiveterThis is too awesome. Rosie the Riveter High School in California has been founded to help young women train for careers in the trades, like plumbing, welding, being electricians and carpenters.
A founder of the school, Lynn Shaw, also heads the board of directors for Women in Non Traditional Employment Roles. Shaw, a former steelworker and longshoreman, told the LA Times that the school is “about trying to change the way society looks at women.”
We just feel that women should have an equal opportunity…For me, it was all about the money. Women in nontraditional jobs earn 20% to 40% more than women in what are considered ‘traditional’ women’s jobs. That’s $1 million over a lifetime.
If you’re interested in learning more about nontraditional jobs for women, check out Tradeswomen Now and Tomorrow (TNT) and Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW).
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Via Broadsheet.

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