WTF of the Day: Cheetah is the younger Cougar.

Is this really the best you can do, Spencer Morgan? The New York Observer writer had a pretty damn misogynist piece on yet another nickname animalizing single women: the cheetah.
This oh-so-clever creation is supposed to be the younger-than-cougar straight single woman who scours bars all night looking for men to get them drunk enough to lure them home and “have sex with them” with desperate hopes that her “victim” will become her boyfriend soon thereafter. That’s right, this is more or less a rape joke. Sady at Feministe sums it up well:

We’re all familiar with the scenario of someone isolating you when you are too drunk to give informed consent and forcing sex on you. Someone who may be (and, given statistics, is more likely to be) within your circle of friends. We’re so familiar with it, in fact, that we already have a name for people who do it. And it’s not “cheetahs.”

Morgan also brings in some well known male bloggers who find it funny to describe what their expertise is on this “mating ritual,” which is completely fucked, to say the least. Jessica Pressler at the Daily Intel also has a rundown and clever response to these asses: don’t even give them the attention by getting up in arms for such garbage. (But if you can’t help yourself…)

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  • DeafBrownTrash

    and yet no name-calling targeted at horny, lonely, desperate males who go scouring at nightclubs in search of prey.
    Typical fucking sexist bullshit.

  • supremepizza

    Have to agree with DBT, lots of typical, run of the mill sexism. I didn’t really see the rape jokes/insinuation in the article I read. Maybe it was a different piece?

  • Sabriel

    That’s because, from the point of view of the author, the truly objectionable thing about the Cheetah isn’t that she might use alcohol to date rape you. No; the sex isn’t the issue. The issue is that she might try and entrap you into a relationship afterward! In the morning! When it turns out she looks like shit without makeup on! And you realize that she’s older than 25!
    Because relationships are terrifying! And women use sex to try and trap men in relationships!
    I honestly don’t think that Morgan even got the date rape implicatioms of the alochol scenario. I also don’t think that he’d see anything wrong with a man doing virtually the same thing because clearly a man would just be after the sex, and not after the dreaded… relationship.

  • Wonderwall

    “Plus this is New York and we’re all friends and smart people, none of whom actually believe that women over 25 are disgusting, that any woman who wants sex is disgusting and creepy, and that the only acceptable heterosexual relationships are those that occur between older guys and younger passive gorgeous women who acquiesce when pursued but make no further demands.”

  • sara

    Attempted to read that piece after receiving angry tweats about it–found it utterly incomprehensible. WTF?
    Is it antifeminist of me to look at the photos of those guys in the linked article and decide they didn’t need to open their mouths to show the world they’re loser idiots? (Their words certainly confirmed it!)

  • oddrid

    I’m not discounting that this article is a sexist, trite piece of garbage, but I have to point out that you really misread the rape part. The writer is insinuating that the woman is getting the men drunk, not vice-versa.
    The article clearly says: “’It seems like whenever she can, she winds up going home with the drunkest guy in the bar’”
    “He noted that the cheetah hunts alone, and prefers gatherings where she can blend into the crowd until the quarry grow weak and sloppy.”
    So next time, try to read the article you are outraged about, and critique the right parts. You only prove anti-femininst’s points when you get mad over something that isn’t being said.

  • Gopher

    Why wouldnt we get up in arms? It is offesnive so why let it pass?

  • Eileen

    Did you not see it because the rape threats were aimed at men? Reverse the sexes and it becomes glaring.

  • Eileen

    No, the author of this blog is talking about men being raped, something the author of the article finds so absurd that he doesn’t even acknowledge that it has happened when he describes it in detail.

  • Vanessa

    I’m sure Spencer wasn’t aware he was making a “rape joke,” but the fact of the matter is that him and the other bloggers are making humor out of this person that “preys” on a “victim” by using their vulnerability to “have sex with them.” Again, quoting Sady:

    And it’s funny, to the people who tell it – in the same way, I guess, that calling Dana a “predator” or referring to her sexual encounters with guys as “prowling” or “striking” is funny – because (a) a GIRL? Forcing a MAN to do ANYTHING? Absurd! And (b) ha ha, how could someone “force” you to have sex against your will? Sex is great! You got lucky!

    A clip from the article about a “cheetah’s” actions:

    “I wanna go home,” Seth warbled.
    “O.K., I’ll take him home,” Dana said.
    Joel gave Seth a “WTF?” look and said, “I’ll take him home.”
    “Don’t worry about it,” Dana said, hailing a cab and then bundling Seth inside.
    “I woke up with a condom still on my dick,” he told me.

    Sounds pretty fucked to me. So I suggest you read the article more thoroughly as well as the Feministe post before you assume I’m just being a kneejerk feminist.

  • rhowan

    “The writer is insinuating that the woman is getting the men drunk, not vice-versa.”
    Yes, we know that. Vanessa knows that. Sady at Feministe knows that. And maybe if you re-read what they wrote you’ll know that they know that.

  • e-pro

    I don’t intend to trivialize the ridiculosity of this article, but let’s be real:
    This flotsam is what the industry refers to as “Link-Bait” – pure and simple. It is nothing more than Joe Wilson screaming at the President, or Michele Bachmann blaming unemployment on lesbians.
    The entire purpose of crap like this is to bring people to their website, increasing ad revenue.
    They do not care if people are offended or not. Offending people enough to acknowledge the idiocy IS their business model.
    When Rep. Wilson yelled at the President, this equivalent of a crying four-year-old in a toy store netted $1,000,000+ from similar evolutionarily-challenged troglodytes.
    The author of this piece, in all likelihood, doesn’t give a shit if they are speaking of the “cougars” slang term or the Brigham Young University Cougars football team. As long as people are talking, or writing, or sending info about their imbecilic bile, their bank account gets bigger.
    So let’s forget about dumb crap like this, and flood the net with quality content that illustrates the progressive viewpoint.

  • locke_211

    I’ve read about this on several blogs and while I get the article being problematic I am genuinely unsure as to where the criticism is coming from – is it because of the unsymnpathetic depiction of the Cheetah women, or because it’s rape and she is not being called out as a rapist?

  • makomk

    Except that you’ll find the author of the article isn’t the only one that doesn’t think it’s actually rape. Have you read the Feministe blog post closely? From it:
    “I don’t think the sexual encounters he’s describing are meant to be perceived as anything but consensual. I don’t think they were perceived, by the people involved, as anything other than consensual – at least, not the people interviewed in this article.”
    For a start, surely this is feminism 101 stuff: perception of consent – even by the parties involved, especially after the fact – is not the same as consent (and it’s certainly not the same as enthusiastic consent).
    The author of that post then goes on to agree with a commenter who says the article author must be exaggerating. After all, we all know that men aren’t really forced into sex without their consent, right? That’s ludicrous. In fact, suggesting such a thing apparently trivialises “real”, male-on-female, rape.
    There’s a lot of problematic stuff in that Feministe blog post, in my opinion. (In the comments, too – umami is pushing the old “can’t really be rape, because I’m not getting the right emotional vibes” idea. Which is apparently now A-OK, because the “victim” is male.)

  • paperispatient

    I understood the criticism as being about both things you pointed out – yet another bullshit woman-as-desperate-cat label, but also because the article is describing rape without acknowledging it as rape. A woman targeting a man with the intent of getting him as drunk as possible and then having sex with him isn’t sex, it’s rape, but the article makes light of it and paints it as part of the bar scene and just something that sad, desperate, horny women do. That’s what I’d criticize it for, at least. Hope that was helpful!

  • kiwifuzz

    I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here.
    Firstly, there are women like this, so it’s not really a label thing. As for the rape insinuation, as long as the person is conscious and not drugged/on drugs, and not physically forced, it isn’t rape (IMO). I’m sure some here disagree.
    And as for the double-standard, desperate, horny men who do this are called just that: desperate horny losers, if not date rapists. They don’t get a catchy nickname like “cheetah”.
    The message at the end of the article was for ladies to save their dignity and go for a legitimate relationship with someone who likes them…sober. That’s not a bad idea.

  • paperispatient

    The catchy nickname for desperate, horny men who do this should be “date rapist,” because that’s what they are.
    Getting someone so drunk that they can’t give active and enthusiastic consent is rape. I did a good amount of drinking and partying in my undergrad days, and there were instances during which I was conscious and not drugged but was drunk enough that I was in absolutely no state to consent to sex and no state to do anything to keep someone from raping me if they wanted to – which is what makes it rape.