WTF of the Day: Cheetah is the younger Cougar.

Is this really the best you can do, Spencer Morgan? The New York Observer writer had a pretty damn misogynist piece on yet another nickname animalizing single women: the cheetah.
This oh-so-clever creation is supposed to be the younger-than-cougar straight single woman who scours bars all night looking for men to get them drunk enough to lure them home and “have sex with them” with desperate hopes that her “victim” will become her boyfriend soon thereafter. That’s right, this is more or less a rape joke. Sady at Feministe sums it up well:

We’re all familiar with the scenario of someone isolating you when you are too drunk to give informed consent and forcing sex on you. Someone who may be (and, given statistics, is more likely to be) within your circle of friends. We’re so familiar with it, in fact, that we already have a name for people who do it. And it’s not “cheetahs.”

Morgan also brings in some well known male bloggers who find it funny to describe what their expertise is on this “mating ritual,” which is completely fucked, to say the least. Jessica Pressler at the Daily Intel also has a rundown and clever response to these asses: don’t even give them the attention by getting up in arms for such garbage. (But if you can’t help yourself…)

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