Campus sexual assault: A new report and reform effort

Yesterday the Center for Public Integrity released an investigative report on the dizzying amount of utter bullshit faced by survivors of sexual assault on college campuses.

A full 95 percent of rapes on campus go unreported and, the Center reports,

[T]hose who come forward can encounter mystifying disciplinary proceedings, secretive school administrations, and off-the-record negotiations. At times, policies lead to dropped complaints and, in cases like Russell’s, gag orders later found to be illegal. Many college administrators believe the existing processes provide a fair and effective way to deal with ultra-sensitive allegations, but alleged victims say these processes leave them feeling like victims a second time.

Go check out the whole investigation.

Reading stuff like this is often so disheartening. Which is why I was so glad to see SAFER and V-Day are launching an effort to respond: the Campus Accountability Project.

The project invites all students to become researchers and advocates for better policies at their own schools. Check out the database of policies across the nation. Your school not listed? Incomplete data? Take action! Submit info on your school’s policies and programs. Then,

“In the 2011-2012 school year, V-Day and SAFER will review the data collected, assess the state of the nation’s campus sexual assault policies, follow up with students to find out what changes they have started on their campuses, and make recommendations based on the data that you’ve collectively input.”

Awesome. Get involved here.

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