Kate Moss, “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels…”

What a sad state of affairs. Well, I disagree Kate! But then again, I don’t make millions off of being thin, so I guess starving does feel good for her, since she is paid to do it. Seriously, sad! Food is good and we need it to survive.
This makes me feel sad for Kate Moss, I mean, even though I know she is rich and famous and got to make out with Johnny Depp, but she is the product of a system that values thinness over her other attributes. And a pretty high value at that, since she is one of the top paid super models. It would be nice to think that maybe privately her self worth is not also based on what she looks like, but if her motto is, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” one would think the opposite. I also can’t believe she is so detached from reality that she doesn’t realize that young women that are already plagued with eating disorders look up to her and has no sense of public responsibility. Young women don’t need to hear that eating less will make them skinny and therefore a super model. Bad. Bad!
As community blogger minerva put it,

Moss may or may not be intelligent, I neither know nor care. But at some level, she must realize that young women aspire to be like her. It saddens me that she truly believes that her motto is something to be emulated.

Food is good. These types of comments do have implications for young women since we are already inundated with the self hating culture of starvation to attain absurd levels of thinness instead of being taught to love ourselves. And then, often women are rewarded for their self hating behavior. It is an endless cycle that must stop and we need role models to help us.

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