Senator Claire McCaskill changes position on Stupak after pressure

Via The Hotline, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, after initially stating that despite being pro-choice, she was okay with the Stupak amendment has changed her tune, at least according to her Twitter feed.

Text: Oppose Stupak.Don’t think we should change current law which is no public $ for abortions,but amndmt goes too far limitng private funds too
What’s sad is that her new position is still not what many of us want–which is true access to all reproductive health services, regardless of income, ability to pay or health care plan.
But nice work to all those who put pressure on Senator McCaskill and her support of what is a truly terrible piece of legislation.
Want to stand with the pro-choice congresswomen opposing inclusion of Stupak in health care reform? Sign your name here.
Whose health care victory?
Rep. Wasserman Schultz: Confident Stupak will not be in the final version of the bill

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