What’s the Alternative to Tucker Max?

As if you needed another reason to vote for Courtney to be the newest WaPo columnist, check out her latest at The American Prospect about imagining a new model for masculinity.

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  • Stephen A

    I was there this weekend, and I appreciate your thoughts on the conference, Courtney. It was great meeting you and I really appreciate what you had to say on the panel. I also thank you for your comments during the second panel – after which you spoke so wonderfully about acknowledging the progress of a pro-feminist men’s movement, I apologize for tearing it down by highlighting the conference’s shortcomings.
    Still, it was great to be there and I have joined the planning committee for the next one.

  • Stephen A

    To clarify myself: I don’t think I tore down what Courtney had to say about how we should be proud of how far we have come – because we should – but someone on the panel had just said something incredibly ignorant about how the “oppressed need to listen to the oppressors” and I genuinely felt uncomfortable and reacted angrily, because I felt that way at the time.

  • Courtney

    Thanks Stephen! I look forward to seeing how things shape up for next year. Take care.

  • conductress

    Is there a blog or website with more coverage of the conference? I’d love to read some of the conference papers, if they’re available.

  • MorganFarquhar

    As a male working in this area for almost a decade, often one of the only ones in the organization, I’ve always been quite sensitive about how I was being perceived — this article has made me feel like even more of an outsider. Maybe one day, wearing my newly crafted masculinity like a tassel turned to the side, I’ll finally graduate from women’s studies 101.

  • jane

    This is where the feminists started. Quite honestly we are still there to some extent. I think that people need to be more free to be who they are.

  • IamnotTheDudeness

    What the hell is Tucker Max?