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Landmark Study on Curvy Women Proves Nothing

TweetPerception, a British scholarly journal, has conducted a new study suggesting that heterosexual men are more attracted to curvier women than to thin women. The study asked a gaggle of male students from St Andrews University to look at photos of women’s faces and rate them by health and attractiveness. These young, virile men found [...]
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I love you, Stephen Colbert.

TweetThe funny (but not so funny) thing about this is that Rush Limbaugh has literally said something along the same vein: “If homosexuality being inborn is what makes it acceptable, why does racism being inborn not make racism acceptable?” The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c The Word – Don’t Ask Don’t Tell [...]
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New study: HPV vaccine makes girls think about sexual risks

TweetRemember how conservatives think the HPV vaccine will just make young girls want to go out and have lots of The Sex? According to a new UK study published in the British Journal of Cancer, it looks like getting the vaccine actually makes them even more wary about risky sexual behavior: One in five of [...]
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Wednesday Feminist Fuck You

TweetSorry, I just couldn’t wait two whole days to say FUCK YOU to this quote: “This dance itself was a successful event.” –West Contra Costa Unified School District spokesman Marin Trujillo looks on the bright side after the brutal gang rape of a 15-year-old girl outside of her high school’s homecoming dance. via The Awl. [...]
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Reminder: National Comprehensive Sex Education Call-In Day is Today!

TweetA reminder to take five minutes today between 10 and 4 to call Congress and tell them we need to cut funds for failed abstinence-only programs and fund comprehensive sex education. It’s time to take the clowns out of the classrooms and give young people accurate information about sex and sexuality. Check out this previous [...]
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