Anti-feminist Mailbag: “Please Stop” Edition

It’s that time, folks! Here’s a gem from someone who just couldn’t understand what us “feminists” want:

i don’t get it. what do you ‘feminists’ want? you got your equal rights, you can vote join the army and do everything a man can do. feminism made sense back in 1800 but now it just seems like you don’t want to be equal, you want to be better that men. the law is already in favor in women. if a woman consensually has sex with a man, and later says that he raped her just because she wanted some attention the man would most likely have to go to jail, for nothing. Sure there are some men who are sexist, but by being so extreme about this aren’t you ‘feminists’ being sexist as well. it seems to me like all ‘feminists’ are completely insane and power mad, or have been brainwashed by other feminists. so back to my point: i don’t see the point and i would much appreciate it you would stop.
thanks in advance for taking your time to explain!

So after much deliberation, we’ve made a group decision among the editors to adhere to this person’s wishes – this will be our last official post on Kidding!! Too…power…mad…to…stop…
Now back to our daily brainwashing.

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