Quick Hit: International abortion on the decline

A new Guttmacher study about international rates of abortion show that they are on the decline:

Increases in global contraceptive use have contributed to a decrease in the number of unintended pregnancies and, in turn, a decline in the number of abortions, which fell from an estimated 45.5 million procedures in 1995 to 41.6 million in 2003. While both the developed and the developing world experienced these positive trends, developed regions saw the greatest progress. Within the developing world, improvement varied widely, with Africa lagging behind other regions, according to “Abortion Worldwide: A Decade of Uneven Progress,” a major new Guttmacher Institute report released today.

Read the rest of the summary, or the full report, for more on the lasting problem of unsafe abortion.

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  • Comrade Kevin

    I stand with the safe, legal, and rare crowd regarding abortion. News like this is always welcome and makes me recognize that if successes like these exist, they can be implemented in other parts of the world who are without the privileges we often take for granted.

  • Brianna G

    I normally am skeptical about these reports, because sometimes they just mean fewer reported, legal abortions… but in this case, they make it clear it’s due to contraceptive use reducing the number of unwanted pregnancies, so this is excellent news. We’re not there yet, but this is a good sign!

  • Katjusha

    It’s a nice poke in the eye for the anti-contraception lobby out there.

  • DBinMD

    Is there really a significant anti-contraception lobby? My perception is that, other than the Catholic Church (who don’t seem to open their mouths much on the subject anymore, possibly due to their own problems), most of the anti-contraception folks are fairly isolated. Certainly don’t see it being pushed on any large-scale political platform.

  • http://de-three.blogspot.com ShareseL

    Wow… who would have thunk that contraceptives
    and family planning would reduce abortions…
    I am glad people are finally drawing the connection. Thanks for the hit :)

  • Brianna G

    I think it depends where you are. There are still many people who lobby for contraceptives to be dispensed only by the pharmacist (even things like condoms), along with some scare tactics about how they Don’t Work. And of course, abstinence-only sex ed takes a very anti-contraception stance when they teach that condoms have a 40% failure rate and the pill will give you cancer.
    I agree, though, it’s small-scale, usually local or maybe statewide in places like Oklahoma. This is in large part thanks to the work of feminists, though, there was a time when an unmarried woman could not purchase contraceptives in this country.

  • Brittany

    Whether pro-choice or pro-life, I think everyone can agree that less unwanted pregnancies and thus abortions is generally something that’s a positive thing. =)

  • dhistory

    Much of the reduction is in the developed world where there is an aging population which is therefore less fertile (in absolute terms).

  • Phenicks

    Thats the Pink Elephant in the room.

  • MizzCoco

    Whew…less abortions is something to definitely celebrate! See folks…contraception does work if used correctly!!