Invincible: Breaking Beats and Borders

Friday night at UC Berkeley, a hip-hop show called Breaking Beats and Borders attempted to bridge the hip hop community with activism surrounding Palestinian rights. The highlight of my evening was the performance by Invincible, or Ilana Weaver, a queer white Israeli-born woman who learned English by listening to hip-hop.
Based in Detroit, Invincible works with the Detroit Summers Live Arts Media project, to bring arts and awareness to urban educational curriculum. Check her out:

“I’m striving to be one of the best period/ Not just one of the best with breasts and a period.”

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  • annaleighclark

    Yeah, Invincible! Love her.

  • Vetiver

    Invincible is amazing. It’s just too bad that link takes you to a site that has a slideshow of photos of cheerleaders right by the interview. Sigh. Invincible is so strong, so defiant, so critical, so passionate about social justice. It seems wrong to see her words positioned beside images of women who are supposed to be valued solely for their bodies.
    It’s wonderful to see Invincible getting exposure, though. A long time ago a label wanted to market her as the “female Eminem”, but she refused and has maintained artistic control over her own work. She’s heroic. The “Locusts” documentary is really powerful, as are her rhymes about injustice in the middle east. I just love her.

  • Stephen A

    Shit is fire.

  • jflyles

    OH MY GOD I LOVE IT! I just spent about two hours readin up on her and watching her videos and drooling over how fucking hot she is…instead of studying for my shakespeare midterm, which seems so irrelevant at this point. whats a dead, possibly fabricated white guy got on this chick? shiiiiit.

  • karla

    i LOVE her!
    her album is amazing.
    am a big fan of female MC’s
    their is also another girl her name is Cihuatl shes a chicano activist she is amazing too


    Invincible, a really class act, inspirational and thought provoking, I enjoyed the experience and can’t rate her highly enough.