Why “She Lied” is Too Convenient

Check out this moving commentary by Kristal Brent-Zook about the Hofstra student’s false rape claims and the public reaction. An excerpt:

I’m having Duke deja vu right now.
Because for every African-American woman who is courageous enough to report a rape, there are 15 other African-American women who choose to keep their assaults quiet.
How many of us can honestly know for certain that our own mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, or girlfriends haven’t been raped at some point in their lives?
The problem is that cases like what happened at Hofstra and at Duke somehow end up canceling out in people’s minds, the real violence that takes place against women every day. It’s more convenient for us. It feels better to say, “See, she lied.” It excuses the rest of us from having to face, in any real way, the violence that surrounds and impacts each and every one of us in our own lives, and in the lives of the women we love.

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