Wow, I didn’t know they still made these?!

John Derbyshire, a British-American conservative author with a new book out argues that women’s right to vote should be repealed. Seriously. Yesterday on his radio show, Alan Colmes asked Derbyshire to articulate his argument. Think Progress with the transcript:

DERBYSHIRE: Among the hopes that I do not realistically nurse is the hope that female suffrage will be repealed. But I’ll say this – if it were to be, I wouldn’t lose a minute’s sleep.
COLMES: We’d be a better country if women didn’t vote?
DERBYSHIRE: Probably. Don’t you think so?
COLMES: No, I do not think so whatsoever.
DERBYSHIRE: Come on Alan. Come clean here [laughing].
COLMES: We would be a better country? John Derbyshire making the statement, we would be a better country if women did not vote.
DERBYSHIRE: Yeah, probably.

It came as no surprise that his website pics look like mug shots. Check it out. If you’d like to email old Johnny boy about his laughably antiquated perspective, feel free:
More appalling shit from Derbyshire:
He thinks 36-yr-old women are over the hill,
also laments the fact that women go to the pool in bathing suits,
and says this about Sotomayor: “Judge Sotomayor may indeed be dumb and obnoxious; but she’s also female and Hispanic and those are the things that count nowadays.”
Thanks to multiple readers for the heads up.

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  • KBZ

    I haven’t read Derbyshire’s argument, but this sounds like a knock off of something Ann Coulter said last year sometime. Her apparent logic was that society had become far more liberal since women’s sufferage, so she surmised that we were unable to handle the responsibility.
    Define irony … a sexist seizing on (plagiarizing?) a woman’s logic to argue that women are too illogical to vote. Stupidity abounds.

  • PDXHopeful

    I’ve known some fundamentalist women who also believe women shouldn’t have the right to vote (after all, they’ve got fathers or husbands who’ll vote in their interests, right?).
    They defend the fact THEY vote with the need to offset the votes of those ebil liberal women.

  • aletheia_shortwave

    So, he has a photo album of his wife, whom he met while he was a professor and she was his student, on his website. She was trying to immigrate to the United States. That poor woman… can you imagine being married to someone like this?

  • aletheia_shortwave

    So, he has a photo album of his wife, whom he met while he was a professor and she was his student, on his website. She was trying to immigrate to the United States. That poor woman… can you imagine being married to someone like this?

  • hollie

    Not that I don’t think Feministing should have published this article, but who is this guy and why should we (the universal “we”) care what he has to say? I’m all for standing against wrongdoing and harmful propaganda when it’s a real threat, but otherwise I’m afraid that giving press and attention to people like Derbyshire just spurs them. I’d rather just ignore people like him than give them the satisfaction of an email…maybe he’ll just go away…

  • aleks

    Derb is an internet troll writ large.

  • ooperbooper

    I think this should have been categorized under “humor” along with Anti-feminist Mailbag and that lady who writes in cursive about anal sex. Is it sexism? Yes. Politics? Hmmm… only if you believe this guy actually has political influence and I don’t think he does. I do happen to think it’s pretty funny though.

  • jenngirl

    I actually think it is much easier when people get this outlandish in their opinions. Even many people who think they don’t support feminism and what it stands for would agree that this guy is wrong. We can use it to educate anti-feminists about what it really is we are standing for.

  • ShifterCat

    To be fair, you still meet people who think that misogynists who want to take away women’s rights simply don’t exist anymore, or at least not in the modern west.

  • llevinso

    “Wow, I didn’t know they still made these?!”
    You mean idiots? Unfortunately yes.

  • Zephyrus

    Derbyshire isn’t some random jackoff from the other side of the pond. He’s also a columnist and writer for the premier conservative magazine in the USA (the National Review).
    In fact, he’s pretty much their point man for whenever they want some un-PC statement about how women and minorities are inferior to white men.

  • mangomango

    Oh lord yes they make those. You’ve talked about Ladies Against Feminism before, as I recall. Many anti-feminist bloggers/writers count women voting as among the worst developments of recent history.

  • DBinMD

    Not really worth the time to try to analyze his motives, he’s just a miserable excuse for a human being. Must have been tough enough to have contempt for a quarter of the people in the US (African-Americans, Hispanics), now he’s up to about two-thirds (I gues he’s okay with anglo males, although I suspect he probably subsribes to the Nazi view of some races being better than others).
    I do wonder what the women in his life think of his ideas. Also interesting that if he published this about African-Americans, he would probably be fired even from the reactionanary rags he writes for.

  • Jrant

    I think Derb is doing this less because he enthusiastically believes these things, and more because writing/saying something incredibly offensive is the business plan for becoming a talking head with a book deal: blatant misogyny seems to be his party trick of choice. I think the same thing about Ann Coulter – I don’t believe she honestly believes everything she writes, I don’t think she feels a need to be honest – she just wants to sell copy. (Now that I think of it, I’d like to hear Derb tell Coulter she should lose her right to vote – THAT might be worth listening to.) Are these both repugnant human beings? Of course. Would I want to share a cab with either of them? Hell no. But I DO think, “they’re just trying to sell books” is important to keep in mind.
    Which leads to the challenge: by working into a lather over the awful things they say, we give asshats like this exactly what they want. They get increased coverage, publicity, and sales because the Other Side (us) does their PR for them. On the other hand, to quote Sam L Jackson, that is some repugnant-ass shit. Letting them “get away” with saying something so vile feels wrong, really really wrong. And don’t we have a duty to call out hateful speech when we see and hear it?
    I’m sure this is catch-22 has been repeatedly visited by other thinkers and writers. I certainly don’t have an answer for it. (Maybe pairing negative and positive works together: “This guy Derb is a total tool. Jessica V. has a great discussion of pervs like him in the “Purity Myth.”) I dunno. I just really hate to think that I am doing a creep like this any favors.

  • bzzxz

    Please get this guy on The Daily Show so Jon Stewart can verbally kick this dude’s ass.

  • neferkatie

    So, does he have an actual argument here? Or just because he doesn’t like the way women vote? I’m just trying to see whether he’s yanking our collective chain or making a point faintly worth disputing (perhaps on the basis of antiquated stereotypes)?

  • Gopher

    He wrote a book! For the record: I wouldnt lose a minutes sleep if he got shot.

  • Gopher

    Society is more lenient in regards to misogyny. I would like to have a feminist “Jesse Jackson” so whenever these assholes write books like that they have to apologize, ect, go through tthe whole process of repealing their views publicly.

  • alixana

    I’m not familiar with Derbyshire, but you’re right about Coulter. She’s come right out and said as much in interviews. She created her persona that she knew would be controversial and lucrative.
    Which is why I get annoyed when her opponents make too big of a fuss about her, because her whole goal is $$, and the fuss earns her $$ and the $$ pays for her ability to keep spewing.

  • Toni

    Ann Coulter also said it would be better if women were never allowed to vote. But whether or not she actually believes that statement is another story.

  • Gopher

    “So, does he have an actual argument here?”
    Of course not.

  • KBZ

    >> Now that I think of it, I’d like to hear Derb tell Coulter she should lose her right to vote – THAT might be worth listening to.
    You would likely be disappointed in the lack of a debate. Coulter would likely agree with Debyshire, since he stole his argument almost verbatim from Coulter. The following are quotes from Coulter on the topic (and similar topics) …
    — “If we took away women’s right to vote, we’d never have to worry about another Democrat president. It’s kind of a pipe dream, it’s a personal fantasy of mine, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. And it is a good way of making the point that women are voting so stupidly, at least single women.” — Interview w/ the New York Observer, Oct. 2, 2007
    — “I think [women] should be armed but should not vote [...] women have no capacity to understand how money is earned. They have a lot of ideas on how to spend it [...] it’s always more money on education, more money on child care, more money on day care.” — Comedy Central; Politically Incorrect; February 26, 2001
    — “It would be a much better country if women did not vote. That is simply a fact. In fact, in every presidential election since 1950 – except Goldwater in ’64 – the Republican would have won, if only the men had voted.” — May 17, 2003
    — “I think the other point that no one is making about the [Abu Ghraib] abuse photos is just the disproportionate number of women involved, including a girl general running the entire operation. I mean, this is lesson, you know, number 1,000,047 on why women shouldn’t be in the military. In addition to not being able to carry even a medium-sized backpack, women are too vicious.” — Fox News; Hannity & Colmes; May 5, 2004
    — “Girl-power feminists who got where they are by marrying men with money or power — Hillary Rodham Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Arianna Huffington and John Kerry — love to complain about how hard it is for a woman to be taken seriously. It has nothing to do with their being women. It has to do with their cheap paths to power. Kevin Federline isn’t taken seriously either.
    I am woman, hear me bore;” — January 24, 2007
    — “That was the theme of the Million Mom March: I don’t need a brain — I’ve got a womb.” — “For Womb the Bell Tolls”, 5-16-00

  • bluebears

    I’ve definitely heard Coulter say that more than once. As well as other conservative opinion writers.

  • Lisa

    I’ve expressed the same opinion in response to just about every Ann Coulter and Westboro Baptist post on feministing. I agree so hard.

  • Auriane

    LOL. I don’t think a lot of people would.

  • Auriane

    However, when we start thinking like they do, it’s time to take a step back.

  • jeana

    Did you ever read comments from some MRAs? 36 year olds are old? Anyone over 30 is officially old. Not only should women not be allowed to vote, but we should really be enslaved. Yes, enslaved. And of course we shouldn’t wear bathing suits. We’re all fat and ugly. Or, maybe that’s just us feminists. :)
    Weirdly, he sounds pretty tame to me, as far as misogynists go. Still idiotic and disgusting and a pig, but I’ve seen worse.

  • llama

    It’s this sort of sexism and homophobia (oh yes, he’s a blatant homophobe too) that I find to be most dangerous and threatening, it encourages mild sexism and homophobia in others.
    At least with all-out bigots there is an outcry but people like this guy get away with it and he gets away with it by citing the stupidity of the masses. That’s right, he argues that because countless Americans don’t understand and are slightly disgusted by homosexuality, that their view is the right one.. and accuses homosexual activists of trying to seduce youth to their ‘disgusting’ ways.
    Oh and he goes into a long spiel about how he can understand matricide because once he apparently tried to kill a tortoise in a fit of depression but then argues the same woman should be put to death!

  • mareika101

    I know this sounds kinda weird to some but having men thinking you over the hill @35 can be a positive. It means you can get on with business without being a sex object.
    Many men themselves don’t get recognition until they have grey hair. It is not something to be afraid of but rather something to embrace when you get there.
    I have lovely male friends who would not for one second ditch women’s worth say to me, “Women are best after they reach menopause” and it is not any different for men. Testosterone isn’t exactly their best friend either. :D
    Anyhooo, I think this can be taken how one chooses. To me it says, “Girls lift your game” and to be honest I don’t find Harriet Harman a feminist friend sometimes. She keeps on going on about ‘woman can do better’ and ‘if women were in charge of banks and big corporation’ things will be right.
    I study this type of thing and she is an embarrassment because women in economics and accounting know this is not a gender thing we are up against. There is a separate movement to deal with things that can only make progress just like everything else when the time is right. And the time is only right when lots and lots and lots and lots of study has proven another direction worthwhile.
    How embarrassing to go to work each day with men who know the problems and the solutions just like you do and then listen to female politicians saying, “it is all because of gender”.
    I would like for feminism to lift it’s game. We are not all hopeless women living in a society we consider sexist and we don’t all for one minute think the world will be all flowers and peace signs if women somehow were in charge of everything.