Sarah Haskins is going Back 2 School

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  • childfree_feminist

    Vanity and narcissism permeates our culture at every turn….so sad. And, waaay to much focus on girl’s butts here, it’s creepy in fact!

  • childfree_feminist

    Vanity and narcissism permeates our culture at every turn….so sad. And, waaay too much focus on girl’s butts here, it’s creepy in fact!

  • Ellen Marie-Frances

    I love Sarah Haskins!!! When I had my first day of college I was like, “chyeah, i totes need to get my blingatude on and fuck the guy next to me when he asks if i’m rockstaring at his ass!” hahaha we’re all dying inside……as you can see, I can’t stand any part of those commercials and the stereotyping that is thrown into our faces every damn day. Disney channer=sell outs

  • Kim C.

    I don’t get it: I’ve seen Sarah Haskins before, I’ve seen dumb commercials before, and her wonderful analysis of them, but I just am having a hard time accepting that those commercials are REAL. I know American culture is focused upon consumerism and being popular and looking good, but that’s just…so painful to watch. I’ve even seen the runway-style commercial, and my jaw was dropping through it.
    As usual, Haskins is awesome, but I’m focusing a little too much on the target of satire, and not the satire itself (though she has the adolescent whine down perfectly).

  • MarySophia

    This woman is consistently on the nose and hilarious. I’m so happy that she exists.

  • Toongrrl

    I’ve seen this on Current. It’s so hilarious and finally someone pointed out how stupid Kidz Bop is!!! I’ve seen those dumb back to school commercials for a long time, I’ve hated them! When summer vacation was ending and I saw all the promotions for Back to School, I thought “What if Sarah Haskins did a ‘Target Women’ on this?” Thanks for reading my mind Sarah!!! I also never dressed like those kids in those commercials and never intend to

  • UnHingedHips

    The commercials sometimes seem like a parody of *themselves*, don’t they?

  • Toongrrl

    She read my mind!!

  • ChibiK629

    Didn’t back to school commercials use to advertise notebooks and pencils and shit or am I that fucking old? It’s so weird to see those commercials lined up one next to each other like that. I didn’t realize how important sparkly jeans were to starting a new year of school. And I agree- there is way too much focus on these girls’ butts.

  • nthomas00

    She sounds so sarcastic. That’s why she’s funny.

  • Kim C.

    They do, but since they’re still selling a product, they’re clearly not. The contradiction is painful to take in, really.

  • aleks

    Must . . . buy . . . something . . .

  • Tracey T

    I know, whoever thought I would be wishing for the commercialization of trapper keepers and notebooks. Those were horrible and consumerist as well but at least they hyped up something that was somewhat school-related.

  • llevinso

    I know! I don’t remember those kinds of commercials when I was younger. I do remember commercials for cooler trapper keepers with pictures on them and stuff. And that Lisa somebody that designed all the “girly” school stuff. But they were actual school supplies!
    Gosh I feel old. And I’m only 26!

  • Comrade Kevin

    Please stop putting a dollar sign in front of everything. kthankxbye.

  • Lynne C.

    Now I’m starting to like that my daughter’s school has uniforms.

  • ChibiK629

    Yes! Trapper Keepers and Lisa Frank folders. That was back to school shopping for me. I knew I wasn’t imagining things. And I’m only 21!

  • Paints$fun

    She is always on it!! Her hat, her texting, you have to love this woman!! I even showed her clips in my Gender Relations class, yes I did!!

  • llevinso

    Lisa Frank! That was her name. Thank you! :)
    Do they even have trapper keepers anymore?

  • SaraLaffs

    I know! I begged for a Trapper Keeper every year, but my mom insisted on buying me boring old floppy binders and composition books. *sigh* When I was the age of the kids in these ads, I didn’t give a rats ass about clothes.

  • squiddie

    I got a Lisa Frank trapper keeper and it made my 4th grade year. That’s all I cared about.
    I remember acting as though I was being put through mortal agony when my grandma made me go back-to-school clothes shopping.
    Also, none of the clothes in these commercials fit my elementary or middle school’s dress code, so it’s not like it would have even mattered.

  • childfree_feminist

    I’m 45 and there were no commercials for back to school clothing when I was young. I also don’t know what a trapper keeper is!

  • uberhausfrau

    lucien has uniforms. best thing ever.