Operation Rescue may have seen its last days

NPR and the Associated Press are reporting that Operation Rescue may be completely out of funds and in danger of closing.
Don’t remember Operation Rescue? They are the scary anti-choice organization, who’ve been linked to a number of violent anti-choicers, including the man who killed Dr. Tiller. From NPR:

Roeder, who is charged with shooting Tiller during a Sunday morning church service, had the name and number of an Operation Rescue adviser in his car.

Operation Rescue also has had the gall to offer to buy Dr. Tiller’s clinic after it was closed. Obviously that isn’t going to happen with their current financial situation.
Randall Terry, the founder of the organization, also is responsible for a few scary and violence provoking stunts, including the “Defeat Sotomayor Tour.”
The current head of the organization, Troy Newman, who told the AP he hasn’t been paid in two months, was at the Tea Party Protests this weekend in DC, according to the organization’s website.
While admitting that donations are down 30-40%, Newman didn’t offer reasons as to why the organization has lost support. I would hope that links to something as horrific as the murder of Dr. Tiller would encourage those who are pro-life but do not support violence to take their dollars elsewhere. The group also lost their non-profit status in 2004, which may be impacting their fundraising.

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