A Talk with Women in Media on Women in Media

Pat Mitchell moderates panel with the amazing Helen Thomas, Courtney Martin, Charreah Jackson, Liza Donnelly, and Jensine Larsen.
One of my fave quotes was when Mitchell asks Thomas where she asks her, “You’ve covered presidents from Kennedy to Obama. Who has worked the hardest for women’s rights?”
“None of them.” *Commence standing ovation.*
(She actually clarified that while presidents have done work to improve the status of women, none of them have really put themselves on the line for women’s rights.)
Least favorite quote of hers? “Everyone with a laptop thinks they’re a journalist.” (Referring to bloggers.) *Commence disappointment.*
A couple of other random Q&A’s after the jump.

How are you doing on using Essence to include your women’s voice? (Directed to Charreah)
“We’re constantly thinking about ways we can we be effective and empower our readers. Our most popular sections of the magazine are our relationships and money sections, so we try to focus on empowering our readers through including these issues in those areas…”
What’s your media consumption? (Directed to all)
Donnelly’s: New York Times, Daily Beast, and the ones I work for. I read in paper and the web. I also use Twitter.
Martin’s: Mother Jones, podcasts, NPR, This American Life, Feministing readers’ emails give me news every day (woot!)
Thomas': Washington Post and the New York Times, The Nation, TIME, Newsweek, New York Magazine.

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