Miriam Grossman is teaching my child what?!, Part 1

Oh dear. Miriam Grossman – of Unprotected fame (the book that tells young women having sex will make them diseased drop outs) – has a yet another book out: You’re Teaching My Child What?: A Physician Exposes the Lies of Sex Ed and How They Harm Your Child
I found out about Grossman’s latest through this column at Townhall that – in the great tradition of unhinged moral panic – suggests that comprehensive sex education wants “to strip our little girls of their natural inclination toward modesty and replace it with an attitude of sexual dominance.” Who, me? *bats eyelashes*
Columnist Rebecca Hagelin says that our daughters are “under siege” by those who would teach them about sex and suggest that there is more to life than marriage and babies. You know – feminists.

Make no mistake: this attack on our daughters is also an attack on the nuclear family unit itself. It is an insidiously evil brand of radical feminism that now pervades education and entertainment. If you can warp an entire generation of women into believing that sex is merely a tool to be used for advancement, then you destroy all notions of fidelity, and commitment for both genders. By default, our sons adopt the view that they do not need to be loyal or true in marriage either.
…We are at a crossroads in our nation and the pawn being used by those who seek to check-mate the family – the sacred and basic building block of all civil societies – is a little girl. She will be used and abused and then cast aside as the next little girls are born and brainwashed with ever increasing dangerous messages.
There are steps you must take now to protect and equip your daughter with her own moral authority over those who would abuse her femininity.

What crazy ass sex ed classes has Hagelin been sitting in on?! It’s amazing to me how these folks take something as simple as telling the truth about sex and contraception and turn it into a femininity-abusing (what that means) evil indoctrination hell bent on destroying families.
But that’s exactly what folks like Grossman would like American parents to think. Let’s take a look at what Grossman’s past work has asserted so that we can all freak about about….
What Miriam Grossman wants to teach your child!!!:
When girls have sex, it is often at bars or because they’re drunk. Also, they’re depressed.
The more you have sex, the sadder you become: “As the number of casual sex partners in the past year increased, so did signs of depression in college women.” (Cough, bullshit, cough)
Even fictional characters can get herpes: “It’s easy to forget, but the characters on Grey’s Anatomy and Sex in the City are not real. In real life, Meredith and Carrie would have warts or herpes. They’d likely be on Prozac or Zoloft.”
After a one-night-stand, girls are swooning, and guys don’t give a shit: “You might think of him all day, but he can’t remember your name.”
You can say really creepy things about sex, so long as its written in cursive.
Stay tuned for Part 2 when I take you inside Grossman’s new anti-sex screed. (But through the front, cause the back is just an exit.)

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