Welcome Chloe!

I’m pleased as punch to announce the revival of our interview series and to introduce Feministing’s new interviews contributor, Chloe! Chloe will be profiling amazing feminist women using a new format that we think everyone will enjoy: The Feminist Five. (No, you’ll just have to wait and see.)
More about Chloe:
Chloe Angyal grew up in Sydney, Australia, and credits her radical parents and her all-girls high school for raising her to think that feminism was just common sense. She is a newly-minted graduate of Princeton University, where she majored in Sociology and founded Equal Writes, Princeton’s first feminist publication. At Princeton, she worked in eating disorders awareness and prevention, and ran an all-girls dance company. Chloe has just moved to Manhattan, where she works for The Op Ed Project and Choices in Childbirth. She aims to be a writer, a professional feminist and an all-around good person.

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