Friday Feminist Flashback: Ladies First

Who said there is no feminism in hiphop?
Via Ta-Nehisi Coates.

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  • cherrypievintage

    I totally remember falling in love with the Queen when we got Mtv for the first time back in the day. She was one of my first albums that I bought, though I didn’t understand everything that she was mad about or talking about for that matter. I still thought “wow! she’s so much better than Tiffany!” lol

  • GiaCor

    Thank you for posting that!! I just bought the album! Love the video, I’ve never seen that one.

  • EllieB

    Damn, thanks for posting this! I remember absolutely loving this track when I was 13, and I still love it now.

  • Steven

    Maybe I am missing something here…
    How does a song about “Ladies First” relate to feminism vis a vis the whole… what was it again… equality angle?
    Maybe its just me, but the title and selected lyrics sound like the female equivalent of “Bro’s before hoes”

  • Steven

    Gawddamn possessive failure.

  • LalaReina

    Latifah is such a talent, her singing is quite good as well.

  • Nepenthe

    Well, wouldn’t the world be a little more equal if there were a few places in it where women came first, instead of just places to kiss men’s asses and places to talk about egalitarianism as if the ass-kissing didn’t exist? In other words, don’t expect marginalized groups to treat groups in power as if the two are on the same plane and don’t whine about how unfair it is when it happens. Women have systematically been deprived of human rights by men for thousands of years. People of color have been systematically deprived of human rights by white people for hundreds of years. So when a woman of color starts singing “Ladies First” try shutting the fuck up and listening instead of immediately complaining about how unfair you think it is.
    Aside from that, damn, I love Queen Latifah. And I think I have to look up the other artist in this video.
    And also, damn, can we pretend the ’80s and early ’90s didn’t exist in terms of fashion? I don’t think that’s a decade I feel the need to go retro for.

  • Steven

    So what I am hearing is “fuck equality, its our time now?”