Feminist Sex Shop Review: Nomia in Portland Maine

On my two week vacation around New England (and Montreal!) I discovered a new feminist sex shop to review, Nomia in Portland Maine. From their website:

Portland’s first women owned and operated sensuality boutique.
We opened in February 2004 in order to provide women and men with a comfortable and fun environment in which to explore sex and sexuality. We offer a broad range of literature, from the academic to the erotic, lingerie, hosiery, and the finest adult toys and accessories available.

Nomia made it to my list of favorite feminist sex shops–it was a great place! It’s location is discreet, without a storefront. It’s up the stairs, but there is good signage outfront. They seem to emphasize discretion, and they had a sign up about “discreet shopper.” If you wanted you could give the employee a list of items you wanted and they would collect them and bag them up for you. A nice option for those who might be more shy and not something I’ve seen in other stores.
The shop was small but well-stocked. They had a big sale section, which is great for those on a budget. They have a lending library of DVDs (always a plus) and a great vintage sex toy display. A large book selection covers the first floor, including books on topics like menopause and cuddling. Plus all the standards perks of a feminist sex shop–you can touch and test display products, no toys that are bad for our bodies, and a really queer friendly selection.
All in all a great store. No online shopping yet, but check back as they are working on that feature.
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