Women’s boxing to be included in 2012 Olympics

The president of the International Olympics Committee announced yesterday that women’s boxing is going to added to the 2012 Olympics in London.
While I’m thrilled about this news, I just don’t understand why women ski jumpers have had to struggle so hard to get a spot in the Olympics over the last several years. In fact, a group of women ski jumpers are set to appeal in court in November to the decision made not allowing them to participate in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. You can sign their petition here.
(Random disclosure: I know the woman in the pic on the left, Alicia “Slick” Ashley, and she rocks the house. She volunteered for GGE when I was there, teaching our girls how to box; as a 5’5” world champ, she made me all the more sure that smaller women can kick ass too. Awesome.)

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