Action Alert: Utah Paper has No Love for Some Citizens

Spencer Jones and Tyler Barrick were married at San Francisco City Hall on June 17, 2008, the first day California gay couples were legally allowed to do so.
Happily ever after? Well, sort of. But now their hometown paper, The Spectrum, in St. George, Utah, refuses to publish their wedding announcement. An excerpt from the gladd blog:

At first, the paper said they could run the announcement in the “celebrations” section of the paper – but only if there was no picture.
Jones and Barrick objected to being told their picture would be excluded, and in response president and publisher Donnie Welch decided that no announcement would run at all. He told the couple, “As our policy is to run marriage announcements recognized by Utah Law, I have made the decision to not run this announcement.”

They are trying to get as many people as possible to email and call the publisher over the next few days, so do your part if you’ve got an extra minute:
Donnie Welch, President/Publisher, The Spectrum

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