The Injustice of Deportation.

A must see video about the impact of deportation on two villages in Guatemala by Greg Brosnan and Jennifer Szymaszek.

The immigration debate is only discussed in terms of how this “problem” of epic proportions is hurting Americans. Proposals to allow day laborers, domestic workers and other types of service work are generally supported because they support the business and personal interests of the rich. A consideration of the suffering experienced by those that attempt to migrate goes under the radar. But a little investigation reveals the severity of the situation and racist claims by people like Michael Savage become that much more infuriating. This above mini-documentary video Miriam passed on to me speaks to this situation, from the risk of migrating to the amount of money owed to the person that transported you and the corresponding debt, along with the devastation of being deported. The situation is grim.
For some staggering statistics on ICE raids check out the report by the Cardoza Law School, Constitution on Ice: A Report on Immigrant Home Raid Operations.
And to stop the abuses and ensure effective immigration reform, watch the video below and sign the following petition.

Don’t let this fall off the national agenda.

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