Pitchfork is a total “Boy’s Club”

So, I went to Pitchfork Music Fest on Friday night. The bands who played were good, and I knew beforehand who they were, but I was quite disappointed by the lack of female-led groups. Even the bands on Saturday and Sunday are not female-led, or diverse in any way. I’m really kind of annoyed with this apparent “boy’s club” at Pitchfork. What, did no women want to perform? I doubt that. Did they even ask? I don’t think I’ll go to Pitchfork again unless they change their ways… Anyone else go? What do you think?

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  • Stephen A

    I didn’t go due to my hatred for Pitchfork as a music site, and for the reasons you mentioned, but it doesn’t surprise me. Indie rock has always been a boys’ club in my experience – the only difference from most male indie rockers and their “bro” counterparts is that indie men listen to Yo La Tengo or whatever instead of fucking Nickelback or whoever. On the whole I have seen many men into the “indie” scene (for lack of a better term) who are just unwilling to give up their male privilege. They say sexist shit but couch it in “satire” thinking it makes it ok.
    But yeah, F Pitchfork.

  • slowhand901

    Boy’s club aside, Pitchfork should be avoided because it’s a pandering hivemind of schlock hipster “journalism”. They’re really little more than SPIN or Rolling Stone with a thin “indie” veneer.
    For the uninitiated : Pitchfork Media is a music review site that sings the praises of the sacred cow of distribution models: independent music. Except when they need to jump on the bandwagon for Grammy season – then they’ll review albums that originate from The Big Four (perish the thought!) If an album is lo-fi, avant garde, noise rock or from Radiohead, expect a glowing, sensationalistic review about how the evils of corporate music will be undone as a consequence of the albums release. Unless the community revolts and actually _hates_ the album – then Pitchfork will revise the review, give it an equally sensationalistic bad review and score of “0.0”. The reverse is true for albums they hate that the community ultimately embraces. Sonic Youth, Wilco, Wavves and Dr. Dog have all been casualties of the shenanigans at some point. Don’t expect any staff acknowledgment of their revision policy, but if you’re quick, you can sometimes catch a Google cache or Internet Archive of a review before it’s revised.
    Pitchfork is a fucking blight on the indie music scene – easily as damaging to up-and-coming acts as any of the corporate overlords they rail against, and certainly just as disconnected and shortsighted as their deadtree brethren.
    Not to rant or anything – I just think they’re destroying music.

  • ThursdaysChild

    I feel ever so validated in my disdain for Pitchfork. Also, everything slowhand901 said.

  • Stephen A

    “PWN3D”, as they say here on the internet