Meet Lori!

Please give a warm Feministing welcome to the fabulous Lori Adelman, who will be blogging at the site for the next few weeks while I’m on vacation. More about Lori…

Lori, 22, currently works for the International Women’s Health Coalition, blogging for Akimbo, among other communications-related duties. Previously, she worked in the Women’s Rights Division of Human Rights Watch in NY, where she is most proud of lending support to a U.S. tour raising awareness about the obstruction of legal access to abortion after rape in Mexico. She has also been involved with the Abortion Access Project in Cambridge, MA, working with healthcare providers to strategize the best ways of providing safe and comprehensive healthcare for women. Lori graduated from Harvard College in June of 2008, where she wrote her senior thesis on highly bad-ass (and highly effective) contemporary student social movements in Chile.

All of us at Feministing are really looking forward to Lori’s posts (and I’m really looking forward to a blogging break!) and we’re sure you’re going to her love her stuff as much as we do. Say hi in comments!

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