Newsweek bemoans “slutty” brides

Shoulder-baring brides with jaunty hats are clearly strumpets.
Calling young women who are getting married “MySpace generation brides,” Newsweek complains that brides today are “like a virgin no more.” (I’d be outraged, but this is just too fun for me to post about to be all that angry.)

Two decades ago, when young girls wondered how brides were supposed to look and behave, they’d most likely conclude–with some prompting from Cinderella–that on their big day they’d be a princess. They’d be blushing, virginal and wrapped from head to toe in tulle and lace.
So why is it that these days, some brides seem to be taking their cues more from Jessica Rabbit than Cinderella? More vamp than virgin, they’re having bachelorette parties that are as raunchy as their fiancés’ sendoffs. They’re selecting cleavage- or lower-back-baring bridal gowns that might get a gasp from conservative relatives.

Are we seriously supposed to be scandalized by back-bearing dresses and cheesy bachelorette parties with penis straws? Come on now. But apparently this article is less about how immodest brides are, and more about moral panic over women in general.

This is, after all, is a generation that is comfortable with “sexting” and posting provocative pictures of themselves on Facebook and MySpace.

Wow, MySpace and sexting in one sentence – impressive! The article goes on to point out (smugly) that women are getting married later, having raunchier bachelorette parties, having their ceremonies in locations other than churches, and living with their significant others before getting married. And we’re supposed to think, I guess, that these are all bad things.
What’s really interesting to me is how the media is able to frame anything as women being slutty. Fun.
(Naturally, you can find out more what I think about sex and sexism in The Purity Myth.)
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