Miriam is one hot butch

Congratulations to our own Miriam, #68 on “Top Hot Butches: The 100 hottest butch, masculine, androgynous, genderqueer, transmasculine, studs, AGs, dykes, queers, and transguys.” (For those with concerns about how hot lists objectify, I think Sinclair’s explanation here is really great.)

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  • Entomology Girl

    Yeah, it slipped my mind until this morning as well. Heh.

  • murphy

    I think it’s really inappropriate to make allegations like this without even attempting to prove them. Sinclair doesn’t write anything like RockabillyButch, Sinclair isn’t saving up for chest surgery (as far as I know), and, I think most importantly, Sinclair thoughtfully responded to the substantive critiques of the list and has taken steps to make the situation right.

  • honeybee33

    “I would agree if it wasn’t for the fact that, often times, that line is used to derail conversation and simulaneously justify what is happening.”
    yes, that part of it is unfortunate. I try to make it clear that I’m separating personal sexuality from political issues and that probably doesn’t always come through as loudly to some as it sh/could.
    “Furthermore, it doesn’t particularly … show people that you are actually seriously critiquing the fucked up ness of something if you are also continually going ‘they’re sooo hot!!!’.”
    um … my critique is not considered serious cuz I’m turned on? (can you give an all-too-human gal a break?) ;~)
    (and was it belittling to my intelligent discussion of complex cultural politics that I just started wiggling and whining, “but I’m just a giiiirrrrllll … ?”) ;~D
    ~ hb33, who realizes she just answered her own question ~

  • MK

    “The best they could do for a butch trans woman was Riki Wilchins? From the freaking 90’s? How’s that for a tacked-on token.”
    Riki Wilchins never stopped being active in the trans community, and I would definitely not consider her a tacked-on token.

  • gudbuytjane

    She’s still one out of one hundred. That feels tacked-on to me.
    I didn’t mean to diminish her experiences since the 90’s, I apologize for that, but is the queer world that out of touch with trans women? There’s nothing in her singular selection that doesn’t scream problematic – and that is not about Riki, it is about a system that has no significant investment in the experience of trans women.

  • MK

    Maybe the fear isn’t simply of being called out on being transphobic, but how (tone, word choice, that sort of thing) a person is called out on it?