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Yesterday was Dr. George Tiller’s funeral. For a moving tribute, read IAmDrTiller.com, which is “both a memorial to the lifework of Dr. George Tiller and as a living testimony to the courageous lives of abortion providers.” Also, in response to the murder, the Dept. of Justice has reinstated the Task Force on Violence Against Reproductive Health Care Providers. This is great news! But we still have a long way to go to ensure the safety of abortion providers.
The Catholic Church: homophobic AND fat-phobic.
Listen to this TED Talk with Mary Roach about orgasms. Fascinating!
In China, culture and policy have led to a scarcity of women — who are increasingly treated as property.
What anti-choice hatespeech and anti-gay hatespeech have in common.
The U.S. House passed a bill granting paid leave to federal employees who are new parents. Time to push them to extend that protection to ALL working parents.
Evil Slutopia has an Anti-Sotomayor Stupidity Scorecard! And Veronica runs down Things You’ll Never Hear About a Male SCOTUS Nominee.
How corporate mining interests are tied to epidemic levels of rape in eastern Congo.
New Jersey revised its rule for indicating gender on drivers licenses. But taking advantage of it will probably cost you.
The accidental shooting of a black police officer is a call to reexamine unconscious racial biases among police.
A judge in the trial for the murder of Lateisha Green, a trans woman who was killed in 2008, recently upheld the charge that this was a hate crime.
Are women catching up in the sciences?
A man used Craigslist to arrange to have his wife raped.
Awesome Indian feminist blog UItra Violet has a brand-new site, and some other exciting changes.
Radio shock-jocks in California made some truly reprehensible comments about transgender children. The hosts are still on the air, but advertisers are pulling out.
On The Girlfriend Experience, a new film about sex work.
Unsafe abortions are endangering women in Tanzania.
What have you all been reading and writing this week?

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  • Leah Hope

    I’m getting excited for The Line (http://thelinemovie.org/) to screen here later this summer.

  • Renee

    Brandon Marshall Of The Broncos Stop Beating On Women: Domestic violence is something we are loathe to discuss in the black community because we know that black men are already understood as violent culturally, however this should not stop us from discussing violence against black women.
    Disability Is Felt By Children:How my son copes with my three chronic illnesses and the changes it has brought to our relationship.
    Never Been Kissed Equals Respect: Looking at how the status of virgin is employed to supposedly elevate the status of young white women.
    Hey Fatty Cover Up: Looking at the social shaming of fat women who have the supposed nerve to display and ounce of flesh.
    Parents Teach Children That Hitler Was A Hero: Following the case of a child that was removed from home by CFS after arriving at school with a swastika on her arm.

  • LalaReina

    But when you think about who does talk about domestic abuse in minority communities? I know as a Hispanic we don’t. I know that it exists in the gay community and they don’t…

  • EvilSlutClique

    Thanks for the shoutout!
    In addition to the Anti-Sotomayor Stupidity Scorecard, this week we also wrote about how the One Million Moms are campaigning against the reality show The Cougar and the misinformation put forth in the Pill Kills Women protest.

  • JetGirl70

    Why do so many women have a tortured relationship with food?

  • Marc

    Not sure if anyone caught this story about a gang rape (trigger warning) in a community college party in California.
    The top four videos on there are the ones relating to the article.
    As if that’s not upsetting enough, you see all sorts of different factors played out, to include masculinity and rape, and victim-blaming mentality.
    You know, sometimes – sometimes I wish violence were acceptable as a means of retaliation.

  • MzBitca

    Happy The Pill Kills Day
    Victim blaming shrouded in sympathy
    Why I’m sick of hearing the whole “Not all Pro-Lifers are like that” arguement in regard to Dr. Tiller’s assasination

  • Marc

    Oh, goddamn it to hell – I thought I learned how to do the link thing, but I guess not.
    Here it is!

  • Lauren

    My mind is blown by the fact that some languages don’t have a word for “thank you”.
    I also wrote a post on the recent “pro-life murder” of Dr. Tiller, and why the abortions he provided should be the least controversial.

  • http://genderacrossborders.wordpress.com Gender Across Borders

    Seeing through the life of a prisoner: Maria writes about The world from a detainee perspective – inside Guantanamo Bay
    Ecofeminism: linking feminism to the environment. Elizabeth writes about Tree Huggers: The Chipko Movement.
    Are Immigration Rights: Soon For Same-Sex Couples? by Carrie explores about transnational same sex couples.
    Health Insurance companies in Oregon are required to cover HPV vaccine about the new law that just passed in the Oregon House and Senate this past week.
    A artist profile about a woman who uses tampons as one of her main materials Feminist Art Profile: Mariana Castro de Ali by Emily

  • Siby

    I’ll never be able to get over what happened to Dr. Tiller a week ago. And to think, these people will do anything to “save” the fetus.. BUT when it grows up to be someone that they happen to dislike (like Dr. Tiller), they might just have to kill it.
    The IAmDrTiller project is a very wonderful idea.. I think it’ll have a pretty powerful effect on a lot of people.

  • khw

    Along the lines of what happened to Dr. Tiller, I stumbled upon an interesting article written about a Canadian ObGyn who performs abortions – and has survived two attempts on his life. It’s pretty interesting reading:

  • kittycat

    Regarding the Mary Roach TED video:
    If it doesn’t say it in the description of the video, this talk has to do with her new book, Bonk: The Curious Coupling of Science and Sex and if you haven’t read any of Mary Roach’s books, this is a great one to start with. Not only is she hilariously funny, she gives the topic the feminist perspective it deserves. In one part of the book about the theory that the clitoris was a vestigial penis, she said, “The feminist in me, who is small and sleeps a lot but can be scrappy when provoked, took umbrage at this description. I resented the implication that men have the real deal, while women make do with a
    sort of miniaturized, wanna be rendition.”
    There are so many feminist issues surrounding sex, genitals, and reproduction and I think the author does a splendid job of discussing them in a respectful and scientifically accurate way.

  • transgriot

    Musing about being The Pink Sheep of the Family on TransGriot among other topics.

  • B Peregrine

    Why that widely-emailed NYT article about a man who experienced “menopause” was misogynist:

  • Flowers

    Speaking of Dr. Tiller, I gave $50 to Medical Students for Choice in memoriam of George Tiller on the day he was murdered. Yesterday I received a wonderful Thank You note from MS4C acknowledging the donation and saying that they would notify his clinic of the gift in his name. The note was long, personalized, heartfelt, and signed by a real person in ink. It made me feel good, like I had really accomplished something. It made me remember how truly important a good Thank You card is, especially when it’s to donors who probably couldn’t have afforded the donation in the first place.

  • Alice

    The U.S. House passed a bill granting paid leave to federal employees who are new parents. Time to push them to extend that protection to ALL working parents.
    Why not save all that trouble and just have the government take control of all businesses, like they did with GM? Then everyone would be a government employee and they’d have no trouble exerting as much control as you apparently think they should have over labor transactions.

  • Siby

    That’s really nice. :) Thank you notes like that really mean a lot, I think people need to send them more often. I’m guilty of forgetting to write them them, myself.

  • Marc

    This is a wonderful debate between a pro-life women and a pro-choice doctor …he is freaking awesome!

  • AJ

    I agree that the IAmDrTiller project idea is good. However, I am disturbed that most of the submitters hid their faces. This is the time that we need to be loud and VISIBLE. Dr Tiller didn’t hide.

  • Miranda

    What’s new on Women’s Glib…
    I spotted some Facebook racism.
    Phoebe asks for advice: what feminist issues are important for high school women to discuss?
    The Teachers Teaching Teachers podcast featuring Silvia, Phoebe, and I is now available for listening.

  • Siby

    They hid their faces because that’s what is requested of them on the website. Although I understand your point, I also think it’s understandable that they’d hide their faces. If it may protect them from violence, then it’s worth it IMO.

  • Naught

    Check out Piraha. There are no words for numbers besides “one,” “two,” and “many,” and it’s not even clear if the first two words are even that specific.

  • hellotwin

    Wow. I watched a few of the videos related to the story. Sorry people, consenting to one thing with one person (if she actually did) does not mean consenting to gang rape. And if it was consensual, why would the guys not want anyone to “interrupt”?? Plus, she was dancing provocatively so she OBVIOUSLY was asking for it…I’m glad that the young women who helped her out are visiting college campuses and letting others know about this issue though.

  • ShifterCat

    Fred Clark of Slacktivist blogged about a few of the myths vs. realities of the American Evangelical stance on abortion. It led to a long but astonishingly civil discussion in the comments.
    Also, the Washington Post has an article from a medical student who grew up opposing abortions, but now is planning to provide them herself.

  • Anindita

    Thanks for linking to us. Much appreciated! I hope some of the great people here will consider guest posting as well. :)

  • Mina

    “…Never Been Kissed Equals Respect: Looking at how the status of virgin is employed to supposedly elevate the status of young white women.
    “Hey Fatty Cover Up: Looking at the social shaming of fat women who have the supposed nerve to display and ounce of flesh…”
    When I have time to read these two articles I’ll keep an eye out for the intersection between those two issues. Somehow, I doubt “never been kissed” = “respect” when she’s never been kissed because anyone who could have kissed her thought “hey fatty go away” about her instead.

  • T-Monster

    He totally pwned her!! Best part was when he said “they’re stark raving mad, and they should be told so.” Dr. Bard did say several times that she needed to stop lying, but I really wish he would have slammed her for the abortion-breast cancer BS. I hate that one. Truly.
    On another note, you always have informative, interesting links/opinions on here, Marc. So thanks. : )

  • MomTFH

    A day late, a buck short, but…
    I have put up two reply-turned-posts on my site referencing dialogue online around Dr. Tiller’s death. One was about characterizing late term abortion as horrifying. And, the second one was a reply to a comment section on the blog of a professor, a comment section I thought very illustratively dehumanized women and their practitioners. The very sort of atmosphere that encourages murders of health care practitioners.
    Then, I bitched about my house getting flooded while I am supposed to be studying for board exams. I tried to blame it on the anti-choicers, poorly.
    Is it in poor taste to joke about voodoo dolls? If it is, let me know.

  • cubanoheat

    I dont buy the article on ‘The Sex Experience’ film. To me, a film apparently portraying the sex industry realistically, but using a porn star who is high up in the industry and is still working for it is a bit like doing a film about all the things that oil companies get up to in 3rd world countries, but having a current local representative of the oil company playing the lead role. Or maybe a film about the effects of NRA money and guns in South America, and having a current NRA representative in the lead role. Etc…

  • FrumiousB

    Good catch, Mina. Respect is for women who meet the physical sexual mold, but don’t act on it (but it’s a lousy kind of respect and not something I aspire to.)

  • Gopher

    I disagree. I see it simply as someone who is in the industry and therefore can give good insights about it. She can dish about it because she’s in it. Its more akin to a mine worker in an African diamond mine talking about the industry and her/his point of view elaborates on the issue.

  • Mina

    “Good catch, Mina.”