GOP attacks on Nancy Pelosi

Charming. You’d think that conservatives would have come up with a new line of attack for women politicians by now – the whole “she’s ugly!”thing has to get old after while, right? Right? Sigh.
Via Ta-nehisi Coates.

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  • pleco

    Powerful women seem to bug up people’s brains. Opinionated women too. Even women attack women for not being feminine enough, and it boggles the mind.
    To be honest, this sort of thing is not surprising or enlightening to me anymore. What IS hurtful is when I see self-proclaimed liberals accusing Ann Coulter of being a man, being a hermaphrodite, etc because they do not agree with her. It escapes every single one of them that they have never leveled criticism at men they disagree with that deals with their gender (though Rush Limbaugh, for example, is still attacked over his weight and appearance). When I have pointed this out I usually get that tired line about “if everything was politically correct nothing would be funny.”
    The actual source for this is Media Matters. It even says so right on the video. Here is their accompanying article with transcripts for many of the things that have been said:
    I’m not sure why blogs do this (it’s not just Femisting) aside from giving traffic to blogs they favor, but it’s always best to cite the original source since it’s their work that’s being repackaged for your use. You could argue that Media Matters is also repackaging mainstream media feeds, but in this instance they actually did some research to gather the appropriate quotes and transcripts, so that stands as a measure of effort.

  • B. Atoureta

    Well, to be fair, what else could possibly matter for a woman? If we’re not pretty, you might as well throw us out. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to spend all of my extra income on cosmetics, liposuction, high heels, padded bras, and teeth whitening. I won’t have any saved for my retirement, but with this new “me”, I’ll probably marry rich anyway.
    I suppose it’s a step up from calling her a “whore”. Or a step down. I can’t tell anymore.

  • pleco
  • Jessica

    Pleco, we often site the original source but as you pointed out – Media Matters is referenced in the video. When orgs put out YouTube vids, they’re looking for them to go viral.
    Also, I can’t speak for other blogs, but I cite the blog or site that I see the material on. I think that’s just good bloggy etiquette.

  • norbizness

    Another good thing about eschewing Twitter is that there’s absolutely 0% chance I’ll ever follow Eric on it.

  • Aint I A Woman

    Oh great! A “hag!” I forgot, that’s totally legitimate political commentary.


    yeah, it does get pretty old after a while. Just for once I’d like to see conservatives attack liberal women for their POLITICS, not for their looks.

  • mamarazzi

    … or praise “hot conservative women” for their politics instead of their looks.
    My (male) cousin actually said to my face that “you liberal women only hate conservative women because they’re hotter than you”.

  • B. Atoureta

    You should have told him: “Your conservative women can keep their ‘looks’, our liberal women focus on their brains. Guess which will fade first?”
    I say that lightly, though. In all honesty there’s never even a need to reply to something so stupid.

  • Chicagofem

    Ugh. I try so hard to not let stuff like this bother me, but seriously?! “Hag”? Is this how we talk about the leaders of our country? How is this type of shit even allowed on tv? It’s so disrespectful to women, our country, the administration,etc. I am not saying that the government shouldn’t be critiqued and criticized for their policies and actions, but calling our leaders names that are demeaning to women and criticizing them based on their looks is just unacceptable! The image of the typical American will never rise out of the gutter with this type of media trash being accepted by the public, let alone the position of women.

  • mamarazzi

    I didn’t have to respond to him. My little brother and my dad ripped him a new one while I stood there with my jaw on the floor.
    I did learn not to talk religion or politics with my extended family, though.


    that’s a really good one, and SO true. Beauty is overrated.

  • PamelaVee

    I get it now. Sorry, my little woman brain has a hard time catching up.
    Plastic surgery has absolutely everything to do with whether or not she knew people were being tortured!
    Rush, always keeping it classy. I’m surprised his speech wasn’t slurred.
    Also, one more thing. Did the GOP forget that THEIR guys carried out and allowed the torture? To me, whether or not Pelosi knew what was going on is significantly less important* than THEM taking responsibility for DOING it. Oversimplified, but if I push someone and kick them, and someone else is standing there watching, am I supposed to tell a police officer that that person is horrible for watching me kick someone and not doing anything about it?
    *If she did know, and legally could do anything about it then yes, highly unethical.

  • Ariel

    On a side note: Who watches FOX Business? I didn’t even knew there was a channel! It must get crappy ratings. I sorta feel bad for the people who work on that channel.

  • Prof.Os

    Thank You, that needed to be said. The GOP is trying to defer from the real issue. It’s easier for their little minds to call a woman in an incredible leadership position a “hag”, than actually act like they are rational individuals.

  • lydiafaye

    I have been noticing this for at least a year. Whenever a comedian tells a joke about Pelosi it ALWAYS has to have something to do with her makeup or her face (botox). Political commentators always have to comment on that as well. When was the last time you heard somebody write Harry Reid off based on his ability to make facial expressions?
    The real commentary should be on the patriarchy of our political culture that convinces women that they need to look younger and prettier if they’re ever going to make it in congress. Remember Hillary Clinton’s campaign? Not a day went by that somebody wasn’t criticizing her outfits and the fact that she’s not “ladylike” enough. Obviously, she must be a lesbian if she’s not going through the trouble of getting botox and wearing sexy dress suits.
    In today’s politics a woman is damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t: get botox and dress ‘cute’ then you must be a brainless idiot whose opinions mean nothing (i.e. Palin). Be yourself, wear pants, don’t give a damn and they’ll paint you as a lesbian, a bitch, a man hater who’s out to ruin America (Clinton).

  • Jennifer

    The name of the candy bugs me, too. Like, chocolate or candy shouldn’t be a usual thing for a woman, we should only have it once in a while so that we can keep thin for men to look at. Candy shouldn’t be a relationship, only a “fling”.

  • Julia

    They could at least attack her for her knowledge, but instead they epically fail and resort to the “ugly” argument. And for the Rush Limbaugh thing, thats like the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Keliz

    This is very possibly my biggest pet peeve in the world, and it is one my dad and sister commit frequently. Whenever they don’t like someone – for any of a myriad of reasons – if that person happens to be a woman, they express their dislike in negative terms about that woman’s physical appearance. They have gotten slightly more careful because I think they get tired of my entirely serious, questioning response:
    What does her level of attractiveness have to do with her work ethic/opinions/treatment of others? Do you mean to imply that “ugly” women are necessarily bad people? Are all the attractive people you know inherently smarter or kinder than others? etc.
    I really wish the people on these shows would have someone around to ask them that for once. Too much to hope for that on FOX or anything, but even on liberal shows I don’t think I have seen these kind of comments responded to like this.
    It is a shame because that kind of earnest reductio ad absurdum can be damn effective. Plus it is fun to watch people get all red and shifty.

  • tulin

    i feel the same way! i see a lot of people do this: friends, family, probably even myself sometimes.
    why do we have to attack people on things they have absolutely no control over? (okay, maybe plastic surgery is something you choose to do, but hell, people only get plastic surgery because the world around them makes them feel terrible about themselves!) i would be so happy if i never heard appearance-based hate remarks again.
    i’m sticking with the wise words of india.arie:
    “every freckle on my face is where it’s supposed to be…”

  • Gretchen

    Er, I know you were being facetious, but just because a woman does enjoy things like high heels and cosmetics doesn’t mean she isn’t smart, feminist, or financially savvy. The two categories are not mutually exclusive.
    Again, I know you were mostly joking, but women shouldn’t have to feel guilty about buying shoes for fear that it makes them “un-feminist,” if you will.

  • Gossamer Facade

    And the truly ironic thing is that if Pelosi hadn’t undergone any cosmetic procedures the makers of this video probably could have come up with a very similar segment ripping on her looks. No matter how a woman chooses to present herself, it’s always going to be wrong and it’s always going to be the basis for negative commentary. I guess the commenters in this video are on to something with attacking her looks though: if they were to actually break the situation down and come up with some solid analysis of her actions that would have required some real research and thinking on the matter. Face it, we live in a very busy world and there are a lot more important things than coming up with some sort of intelligent analysis and opinions that are based on research, evidence and fact.

  • NomadSpirit

    Somehow I’m not surprised that these people are resorting to petty name-calling and sexist insults.
    What else would you expect from people who are defending torture? A calm, compassionate discussion of the facts?

  • educatedvagabond

    Why is it always about what women look like instead of what they are saying?
    Recently on anti-choice extremist Jill Stanek’s blog about a Planned Parenthood rally in Kansas, her commentators started insulting the appearance of feminists and pro-choice women. According to them, women are pro-choice not because they have the intelligence to think for themselves, but because they are too ugly and fat to get married and have children. Therefore, they are jealous “bridesmaids.”
    It bugs me because it degenerates an intelligent exchange of ideas into personal insults and name-calling. What does that achieve?

  • quantummechanik

    Someone tell me when it’s okay to go after the guys in the GOP for their appearances.
    I have literally a book of things to say about it.
    C’MON! C’monc’mon’cmon’cmon….

  • BrokenJohnny

    this comment has been deleted.