Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah: May Day Immigration Rallies

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Hi Everyone
Welcome to this edition of the Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah.
This is my first solo edition. I’m sad Ann is not here with me!
Today I wanted to dedicate the Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah to May Day Immigration Rallies.
For about three years, since 2006 May 1st has been a huge day for immigration organizing and rallies. Basically a big taking to the streets in favor of fair immigration reform and the rights of immigrants in the US. So I want to give a big fuck yeah to all the people out on the streets right now, today, in the big cities around the country protesting and marching for the rights of immigrants.
We have a huge potential this year to really do something positive for immigration and I think the Obama administration has made it clear that it’s a priority for them to do immigration reform but we also see a lot of scary negative things coming out of the anti-immigration movement.
So really important that we mobilize and make our voices heard as we are a country of immigrants. That’s my Friday Feminist Fuck Yeah to May Day and the immigration rallies.

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