Weekly Feminist Reader

Why Title IX is about more than sports.
Listen to Jessica on this week’s Liberal Oasis podcast. (mp3)
On whether what you call your partner — partner/wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other — has political ramifications.
Go read Hilzoy’s post, “Why do they stay?,” on women in violent relationships.
Monica Roberts on the term “passing” — what it means in a gender sense, what it means in a racial sense, and why she’ll be using the term “blending” from now on.
Sex workers in Ecuador are building a national labor network.
The Violence Against Women Act is 15 years old!
A police chief in Texas used a taser on his wife.
A recently released documentary on Cindy Sherman illustrates the misogyny still pervasive in the art world today.
Evil Slutopia on the repugnant posters present at the conservative “tea party” demonstrations.
How U.S. immigration policy disadvantages women.
Shark-Fu on Sarah Palin and reproductive choice.
An Illinois court says the governor can’t force businesses to sell the morning-after pill.
Join the Amnesty campaign to stop violence against women in Standing Rock Sioux Reservation.
Judith Warner on how anti-gay slurs became “the most potent and feared weapons in the school bully’s arsenal.”
Racist fetishes get their own iPhone app. (More from SarahMC.)
Bird of Paradox has coverage of the Angie Zapata murder trial. (As well as a catalog of previous posts on Zapata.)
Listen to the What Tami Said podcast, featuring AJ Plaid aka The Cruel Secretary, Monica of TrandsGriot and Renee of Womanist Musings, today at 4pm EDT.
How the right is fighting Obama’s pro-choice nominees.
M.Dot wonders at Racialicious, “what if, instead of Rihanna it were Sasha or Malia Obama who was assaulted by their boyfriend? Malia is 11, and in 8 years she could be college student who is dating an R & B star.”
What have you all been reading/writing this week?

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