Black Woman Murdered by Stalker Who Had Been Using Youtube and Facebook To Threaten Her.

*Trigger Warning*
A young woman in Detroit, Asia McGowan, was shot and killed by someone who had been leaving her nasty comments on her Youtube account and also had been stalking her on Facebook. This was someone she knew in real life-it was one of her classmates.
This story is really upsetting me, but I am trying to keep my head straight about the issues at hand. It is stressing me out for two reasons. One, almost every woman I know that has an internet identity has received some sort of threatening, stalker-ish, troll-ish email, comment, forum posting, death threat, blog post or shit even a vlog. This story is chilling and it is important to remember the stalking and murder of women happened before the invention of social networking technology, but this story is chilling nonetheless. As Miriam just said to me over IM, maybe these cases are just more visible now because of technology.
Two, why isn’t this story on any of the national news networks? Because black women getting stalked and killed isn’t worthy of national news coverage?
For more on this story check out What About Our Daughters, she has all the youtube videos up.
Thanks to Tiffany for the link and reminding me that this type of thing happened even before the internet.

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