Omega Announces Scholarships for Fall Conference!

We’ve posted a bit about this before, but just to reiterate…Feministing is partnering with the Omega Institute to bring the wonders of online communication (live blogging! video interviews! oh my!) to their upcoming conference, Women & Power: Connecting Across the Generations. We’re super psyched that as part of their mission to create this long overdue dialogue between diverse women, they are offering tons of scholarships to young women.
I went to last year’s conference, thanks to the amazing Rachel Simmons who invited me to co-present with her, and it was a really powerful experience. Not only were the actual presenters moving and varied, but the participants were a highly energized, deeply committed group of women looking to learn about the next generation of feminists. I think this year’s conference will be a real opportunity to talk about our generational differences and similarities, heal some old wounds, and move forward in doing the work that we are all so determined to do in the world.
Since 2002, Omega has offered over $300,000 in scholarships. Be a part of it this year! You just might interact with Gloria Steinem, Isabelle Allende, Helen Thomas, Celinda Lake, and, duh, us. All the info is here; don’t miss the awesome video from Latonya Jones. Due date is June 1.
Added bonus: this year Omega is going to experiment with a really cool cross-generational facilitated dialogue. To apply to be a part of it, go here.

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