South Park turning feminist?

OK, that was just to draw you in here, I know there’s a long way to go before we can call South Park feminist. But after the already-talked about “Purity Rings” episode (which attacked Disney’s uncool sexualization of youth culture, especially for girls) and this episode on queefing, I’m warming back up to the show that turned me off for a couple of years (mostly due to incredibly negative attacks on gay culture).
In Canada, you can watch it here.
Because I’m in Canada I can’t click on the American link, but you can go to this website and find the episode called “Eat, Pray, Queef”
Just a couple points after having watched the show: Obviously there are issues with the gendering of this episode, such as the assumption that no girl would ever find farting funny (I sure do), that no guy would ever find queefing funny, and of course the avoidance of the fact that girls do indeed fart ourselves. Not to mention the reduction of the entire feminist movement into queefing rights.
But that’s what South Park does best: Takes an social movement or trend and highlights extreme stereotypes to bring to light the most ridiculous elements of that movement. So I didn’t really find my sexism-alert piqued by this episode and actually found it pretty funny. I felt like it was more the hypocrisy of certain taboo subjects that was more under attack here than anything else. It was certainly brave of the creators to even mention queefing at all, probably the most taboo of all taboo bodily functions.
What do you guys think?

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