Friday Feminist Fuck You: Focus on the Family

We have many, many, many reason to tell Focus on the Family to go fuck themselves, but this week’s email blast was one we had to bring attention to in particular.
In short, the email told folks that anti-discrimination bills protecting transgender people’s rights would create “a whirlwind of social problems”, and “would even allow men to use women’s restrooms–right alongside women and even young girls.”
This video also made me realize that my New York accent comes out only when using the word “bathroom.”

“Men in Women’s Bathrooms: Is Your State Next?”
Good and Bad News in New Hampshire

RH Reality Check – …With Sexual Liberty and Justice for All

Sylvia Rivera Law Project – Toilet Training
Transcript after the jump.

This is for all the transphobic and transsexist assholes out there who feel compelled to spread gospel deeming transgender individuals as deviants and predators who are going to “get” your children. This is also not to mention taking proposed legislation that would give trans folks’ the right to be free from discrimination and degrade that down to bathroom politics.
Now, this is not to say that discussions around gender segregated bathrooms aren’t important- after all, an interesting thread came out of Miriam’s post the other day addressing Focus on the Family’s recent email telling folks they should be panicking because their children may be sharing bathrooms with trans people. They titled the email “Men in Women’s Bathrooms: Is Your State Next?” The thing is that this has nothing to do with men being in women’s bathrooms, but trans women being allowed in women’s bathrooms. If, say, this wasn’t allowed, I’m sure they would try to make some argument as to why trans women shouldn’t be allowed in men’s bathrooms either. It’s not about bathrooms and it’s not about the children. The purpose of these efforts is to convince others that transgender people don’t belong anywhere, period.
And I find this whole panic conservatives create over this issue really interesting considering the fact that transgender people are the ones who are harassed in public bathrooms, who are discriminated against and experience violence, who for many are forced to hold it in and suffer from health issues from it because they’re afraid of going into these public spaces.
The fact of the matter is that the real danger lies in not granting the right for trans folks to simply exist without discrimination or violence, and yes, to be able to piss in a public bathroom they feel safest in. It’s as simple as that.
So with that being said, here’s a big fuck you to Focus on the Family and all the other transphobic assholes out there who impose their fear and hatred onto anti-discrimination laws and into people’s lives.

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