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Breaking SCOTUS News: Souter to retire

TweetLooks like Supreme Court Justice David Souter is going to retire. Wowza. Thoughts? Tweet
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Why Do Rape Kits Sit Around Untested?

TweetNicholas Kristof writes an op-ed for the NYTimes about the appalling amount of time it takes for rape kits to actually be tested and how sometimes they are not even tested. It is something that as feminists we have talked about extensively and sexual assault survivor advocates have organized around. The lackadaisical nature of rape [...]
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Quick Hit: Veto on the Swine flu to “Mexican” flu.

TweetSorry, not OK to rename the swine flu to the “Mexican” flu. Channing Kennedy writes at the Racewire blog, Let me be among the first to say that the move by some to rename ‘swine flu’ to ‘Mexican flu’ is offensive on its face and in its roots. It does everything to fuel unfounded fears, [...]
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Breast Implants, Heteronormativity and Why Miss California is a Feminist Nightmare.

Tweet It is not just that Miss California spoke her mind about gay marriage that makes this uniquely a feminist issue, but it does make her an asshole. For all the arguments defending her right to speak on this topic, to me, it is so sad that people so quickly fight to defend the rights [...]
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Including sexual orientation and gender identity in federal health data

Tweetvia Danah Boyd, it seems the government is not taking gender identity or sexual orientation into account when it collects health data. Bill Jesdale writes, But there is no nationally representative dataset that yet captures sexual orientation data, making it very difficult to do the kind of research I am most intereted in – looking [...]
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