NYPD officers accused of raping an intoxicated woman

Trigger warning
From The New York Times:

Two police officers have been assigned to desk duty while prosecutors and the police investigate a complaint that at least one of them raped an intoxicated woman after they escorted her into her apartment in the East Village three months ago, the police said on Sunday.
Footage from a nearby bar’s video surveillance camera shows the two officers helping the woman into her building on Dec. 7 and returning twice during the next two hours, according to the bar owner, who provided the video to investigators.

The woman was so impaired, that she got sick in a cab and the driver called 911. The video shows the officers helping her home and leaving. It then shows them returning to her apartment 39 minutes later, in which one of the officers notices the video. When the video catches them leaving, it appears as if they’re trying to avoid the camera’s range.
The Internal Affairs Bureau is conducting an investigation, but no arrests have been made yet.
Via Holly @ Feministe.

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