Who needs closet space when you have a nekkid lady?

I know this picture has already made the rounds, but I felt like I had to post it.
You can contact Details Magazine, where the “fashion spread” was published, here. (I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised given the mag’s oh-so-progressive history with women.)

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  • MiriamCT

    These sorts of images always make me think of that movie Soylent Green. There was this little detail in the movie about the rich, who still got to eat real food and also lived in pre-furnished apartments. These apartments came with women who were called “furniture.”

  • Danyell

    Clearly, this is her own fault for not tidying up the clothes in the first place…
    Yeah, this is gross.

  • pleco

    Er, so what does the text on the side say? What’s the context?

  • Aint I A Woman

    I saw this and was really disgusted

  • norbizness

    The larger picture is on the original Jezebel site, and the text is merely product descriptions for the draped accessories.

  • norbizness

    It’s no Korova Milk Bar.

  • i_muse

    That poor model. She is naked and had to be in that pose for how long? How much was she paid?
    And how is she not a sex worker?
    ‘splain that.

  • Jennifer

    As a young photographer, this is really shocking to me. Not only because of it’s blatant sexism, but because this kind of imagery is still being used in a commercial setting at all.
    But have faith, fellow commenters. This next generation of artists isn’t putting up with this misogynistic horse shit any longer. Or at least I’m not.

  • digitalkath

    look at the placement of the shoes on her back.
    it’s almost like shes being stepped on…isn’t it?

  • jonjam

    i saw that in my boyfriend’s salon and it made me really mad. all the models are supposed to look like lifeless sex dolls i guess? surely they could have come up with something a more creative and a offensive. i just keep seeing things like this and thinking “really?!?! it’s 2009, people!”

  • cheebles

    It isn’t just misogynistic, etc. It lacks any real creativity. Like the producer said, “Hmm, sex sells. How can I put men’s clothes and a naked woman together?” Boring and stupid.
    But I’m not surprised. My first degree was in advertising design, and I left it behind in part because the industry really didn’t respect the public’s intelligence, etc. One of my teachers defended a trend in TV ads at the time — lisping children — by saying that kids always sell. Umm, not if they are annoying. Sad and stupid.

  • Crashhooligan

    I think this is really the epitome of objectification.

  • Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi

    At first glance it looked to me like a pretty powerful statement about what the fashion industry does to women: the “slave to her wardrobe” concept without the dismissive “tee-hee you know us women and what we do for shopping” jokes, presented as what it is. Ugly and tacky and objectifying and exploitative. I mean, a woman tied up and forced into a demeaning position by all the clothes and handbags and designer accessories and useless crap that gets shoved at us all in the name of enforcing beauty standards? That’s a pretty powerful image.
    Then I realized it wasn’t a deliberate feminist statement.
    And THEN I realized those were men’s clothes, and this degrading shit was being glorified for a male audience, and I wanted to throw up.
    Wow, just wow.

  • ard05

    You’d think that a man who is comfortable enough with his sexuality to carry around a blue or orange purse, or wear irreverent sunglasses and watches, or put on a pair of turquoise dress shoes (or even pick up a copy of “Details” magazine in the first place!) would be the type of guy who would be vigilante enough to know objectification is the wrong way to sell things.

  • Cicada Nymph

    It makes me think of the phrase “clothes horse”. At first quick glance I thought the picture was of a horse. Maybe just coincidence, but still weird.

  • sceeterlove


  • Lauren

    Great so women should be naked and used as shelves to stick other peoples dirty shoes on.

  • AnastasiaBeaverhausen

    This picture made me so incredibly sad. I was prepared to be outraged (as I am) but it’s giving me a lump in my throat and a feeling that I didn’t expect. Look at the shoe on her neck. Imagine a foot in that shoe attached to the leg of an abusive man. I’m sure many women have been in that position. I’m never at a loss for words but this is so horrifying I don’t even know what to say.

  • susanb

    this is has to be one of the craziest ads that i every seen. i guess this works for promotion. i am not sure what to think about it.
    japanese fashion