New series: Ask Professor Foxy

I’m very excited to be able to introduce a new series on Feministing. We’ve been playing around with the idea of a sex advice column for a while now and it’s finally here!
Thanks to Rebecca for agreeing to do this column. She’s a friend of mine, hilarious and amazingly well versed in topics of sex and sexuality.
About Ask Professor Foxy:

Rebecca Fox has been a sex educator since discussing how to have an orgasm in the cafeteria of her all-girl Catholic high school in Jersey. She currently lives in the DC-area with her partner and their many pets. She has worked on advocacy and policy for numerous LGBTQ, sexual health and women’s rights organizations. She proudly serves on the board of Choice USA, the Washington Area Clinic Defense Task Force, and the Woodhull Freedom Foundation.
She would love to answer all your questions about sex and sexuality (since it is about more than just intercourse). One major caveat – she won’t tell you how to do anything illegal. Thanks to Lawerence v. Texas, all sodomy questions are answerable, so write them in to your dirty little heart’s content.
You can email your questions to her at ProfessorFoxyATFeministingDOTcom. You can also leave your questions in comments! Her first post will appear this Saturday, so check back for some great sex advice.

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