“Don’t let them tell you you’re nothing.”

I’m a little late to this, but did you catch the Timesprofile of amazing artist/singer/songwriter Neko Case? In it, she gets political:

IN HER RATTLY BROWN CHEVY VAN, Case returned to the issue of abortion. She deplored some recent movies that raise the matter as one of its crucial plot points — “Knocked Up” and “Juno,” for example — and then “solve” it with a sweetly positive ending or a miscarriage or some other sidestep. “Just have the abortion,” she said of “Juno.” “Just have it and get on with your life.” She continued: “Years ago, I went to Planned Parenthood in New York — for another reason — and I saw these girls waiting there, and it was just awful. It was cold, they were in gowns that didn’t really close, and their boyfriends and parents weren’t with them, and they were sitting under these bright lights, and the people were mean.”
Surely this experience lies behind one of her most readable songs, “Pretty Girls,” on “Blacklisted”:

The TV is blaring and angry,
as if you don’t know why you’re here.
Those who walk without sin are so hungry –
Don’t let the wolves in, pretty girls. . . . .
Don’t let them tell you you’re nothing.

Love her.

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